Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memories of LA

- Palm Trees. Big flippin palm trees.
- Hot LA girls.
- Insanely slow LA traffic. The GPS says we'll be there in 20 minutes, but 1 hour later and we're still on the road!
- Insane LA drivers, who've been speed-deprived, accelerate any chance that they get.
- Traditional Mexican food! Soooo good.
- Noticed a lot of Mexicans, but also noticed a lot of Filipinos.
- KDAY FM 93.5 kept me sane while we were in the car. When was the last time you listened to Warren G? Nate Dogg? NWA?
- Go to Porto's bakery the next time you're in Burbank. Really good feta and spinach croissants. They pronounce "omelette" like "ohm-meh-let", and that was our running joke all week.
- Downtown LA during game 7 of the NBA finals. You could smell the risk of a riot in the air. We were gonna stick around, but smartened up and got the eff out.
- The annoying signs painted on the road! Instead of stacking the words top-to-bottom, they stacked them bottom-to-top. So instead of reading "stop here" I read "here stop". What's wrong with you people!

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