Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall means mad TV

What are y'all watching this fall?New seasons of last year's hits?Any new shows that you can recommend? CathyAl don't have as much time as we used to, but we have a PVR, and gatdammit, we're going to pack as many shows into our schedule as possible! Let's run down the fall/winter schedule:

Raptors Basketball:
Ball above all. And from what I'm hearing, the Raps may be the only Toronto-based team worth watching!

The entire planet blacks out for 2 minutes, and during that time, everyone has a vision of the future. Interesting, no? John Cho, of Harold and Kumar fame, is part of the cast, which should sway at least one person to watch this show (oh wait, that one person is me).

January 2010! Aw Snap! If you're not watching this show, I sorta feel sorry for you.

Everyone's favourite serial killer is married with a newborn baby. Sounds like me! The writing for this show has been solid for three seasons, and after 3 episodes, season 4 is already a winner. You can't go wrong with John Lithgow as the main villain. Ever watch Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone? Booyah!

Mix over-the-edge hilarious comedy with frontal nudity, and you get a winner. Season 3, and still going strong. David Duchovny plays a womanizing jerk, and plays it well.

Lie to Me
Why am I drawn to shows where the main character is a total jerk? Maybe because I relate to them so well. In this one, it's Tim Roth, a.i. jerks off to him all the time. I am hoping that this show can help me with my poker game. "you're lying!" Mekhi Phifer is part of the cast for season 2!

Dancing with the Stars
Don't hate on ballroom dancing until you see the pro dancers. They are half-naked and flipping hot! Edita, Cheryl, Chelsea, Kim, Lacie ... teach me to dance! Snap! Also, Mya is a contestant this season, and she is also hot! Sexy has me sold.

Bored to Death
Semi-interested in this show starring Jason Shwartzman (Funny People), Zach Galifianakis (Alan from The Hangover), and Ted Danson (you don't know Ted Danson?! WTF!). Very dry, aka right up my alley. And it has Alan from The Hangover, which is the funniest movie for 2009 (until I watch Zombieland).

Chin got me hooked on this OLN show, so we keep a few episodes on hand in case of emergency (i.e. when we run out of other shows to watch). If I were in the wilderness, trying to outwit a dude on a horse who can track each of the leaves you've displaced and twigs you've snapped, I wouldn't last more than 20 minutes. Fail.

Dog Whisperer
Why does a guy who doesn't own a dog watch a show
about dog behaviour?

If you have any more shows you think we should pick up, let me know. Or better yet, don't. We've probably got more shows than we can handle. But if you're watching any of these shows, come on over and watch them with us!

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