Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A day with my iPhone

Apple Fanboy strikes again! Here to detail his addiction to his iPhone. It's like crack, son!

I plug my phone into my laptop before I hop in the shower. When I get back, my subscibed podcasts, pictures from iPhoto, and music from iTunes are all synced up with my phone. Whaddup.

3G net connection on the GO train, mothafuckas! I'm up to date on my fantasy basketball league before my friends even wake up. I've also got some time to watch videos on YouTube.

The TTC ride from union to bloor is approximately 6 minutes. Enough time to play a puzzle game like Word Warp. Better than staring at crappy ads and old people.

Let's play some music while I walk to work. I'm getting too old for the radio, I like to listen to what I want to listen to, and I got 10gigs worth of it travelling with me at all times. Gucci Mane? No thanks. How about some Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas instead?

Standing in lineups used to suck. Now I find the longest lineup, and while I'm waiting to order a chicken shawarma, I see what people are saying on Twitter. Olivia Munn and Rainn Wilson have been a few of my favourites lately.

I track all of my spending using Quicken online, so that I can figure out at the end of the week how I lost all of my cash so quickly. $10 for a burrito!? WTF!?

Rotate this badboy and watch some video podcasts from Attack of the Show and College Humor. I wish there was a video podcast with basketball highlights. I'll try to find one tonight ... Watching Olivia Munn is a suitable alternative.

Shopping at Wal-Mart, and Kaiya is looking particularly cute this evening. Snap a pic with my phone (yes, the camera sucks, but let's ignore that for a sec), and upload to Facebook.

Need to surf or check email, but my laptop is too far (one flight of stairs, ugh). iPhone on wi-fi (if you're in Paris, they pronounce it wee-fee) does the trick in a pinch.

Just to sprinkle a bit of haterade on this post, my brother's been using the Palm Pre for a while, and he says battery life sucks. Until next time, Apple fanboy signing off!

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Rubex Cube said...

Ohhhhhhhh almost makes me wanna get an Iphone! *almost*