Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Apple ain't all roses

I switched from PC to Mac a few years ago. I was fucking sick of Windows. I hated that my computer would boot up in 30 seconds after a clean install, and 3 months later my computer would take 10 minutes. I hated searching for drivers. I hated the taskbar. I feel sick just thinking about the hoops I used to jump through.

So I switched. I was using Apple computers at my old job, and found them easy to use, while still being extremely powerful. No more crashes, viruses, or slowdowns for me! And a slick OS to boot, with lots of interface goodies to keep me organized and productive. Yay!

But over the years, I've come to terms with the fact that I didn't switch to the best platform ever; just the lesser of 2 evils.

Apple constantly sacrifices function for form. Take, for example, the crappy 2MP camera on my iPhone. Lots of phones have 5MP cams with flash. But Apple wanted this thing to be thin.

Another example: My Macbook Pro is supposed to be a laptop, but be careful putting that thing on your lap! The bottom gets frigging hot, and it'll actually burn you if you tax the processor. But, it's thin and slick (rolls eyes). PS the batteries only have an 18 month or less lifespan. After that, they don't hold a charge. I've already purchased one replacement, and dem thangs ain't cheap.

Apple's rapid product releases and super secret launch dates constantly leave you in a situation where you pay full price for a product, and then they release a better product one day later at the same price. Fuck! This happened with my iPod nano, my Macbook Pro, and my iPhone(oh, I really wish I had the iPhone 3GS).

Apple also releases products that are missing features, knowing full well that people will still buy them, and also knowing that they can sell an updated version later and make more money. iPhoto, Apple's photo management application, couldn't group photos automatically by date until last year. Picassa, Google's photo management app, had this feature in version 1.

So there it is, I don't blindly follow the cult of Mac. I can grumble and groan about the cash I'm shelling out and the shortcomings I need to deal with. Buy I grumble a lot less than when I was running WinXP. Windows sucks.


Lena! said...

It's refreshing to hear Apple criticism from the FanBoy. Thank you for keeping it real.

Rubex Cube said...

O-M-G! Al is turning on Apple! hehe

Jody Mattie said...

Al, try Linux. The reason Apple has become so stable and popular is that it runs on a BSD engine. BSD and Linux have been around forever, and Microsoft steals most of its breakthrough technology from the Linux open-source world. I like to switch between OpenSuSE and Ubuntu from time to time. Check em out! even if you just install vmware player and download an appliance of them. Have fun!