Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reserved optimism

When Bryan Colangelo first stepped in as the Raptors' GM, he overhauled the team and brought in 9 new faces. That team went on to an impressive 47-win season, and Raptor fans praised BC for his basketball genius.

Since then, we've had 41 and 33 win seasons, and haters came out of the woodwork. Instead of "genius", the label du jour was "fraud". Real Raptor fans understood the real issues (The loss of Garbajosa, Bargnani's slow development, Jermaine O'neal's health issues), but not-so-real "Raptor fans" wanted a stage to stroke their egos. Yes, the Raptors are losing, and that probably makes you happy. Yes, BC made mistakes, and that also makes you happy. Congratulations. Hopefully, your wife/girlfriend will leave you soon, and you'll get laid off from your job at McDonald's, and you'll be right about that too.


Last off-season there was talk about a deep run in the playoffs. It was an extremely exciting time. Our 3-0 start removed any doubt from our minds: This was our year! Sadly, our high expectations fell hard, like that "the bigger they are" cliche (mental note, figure out the keyboard shortcut for adding an e accent acute). There was a bad taste in everyone's mouth, the same taste that you get after reading a Dave Feschuk article.

This summer, BC has pulled off the near-impossible. 5 new Raptors, a possible sixth (Jarrett Jack) coming soon, and rumblings about some familiar faces coming back (Nesterovic, Delfino). Haven't been keeping up? Shame on you. Please stop reading my blog post and move on to something that might interest you more, like the custody battle over Michael Jackson's kids (see my previous blog post).

But it's important to remember what happened last season, so that we don't repeat our delusions of grandeur. I only expect improvement over last season, and nothing more. I expect DeMar DeRozen to come off the bench, and to make a lot of mistakes. I expect him to sprinkle in some sick dunks along the way. I expect Jose Calderon to be consistent throughout the entire season. I expect Hedo Turkoglu to put up the same numbers as last season, not to be our saviour. I expect Reggie Evans to not grab Chris Kaman's nuts anymore.

Lastly, I expect haters to shut their mouths. Is that too much to ask?

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Lena! said...

Wow, I just read the article you posted about, well you know, the pulling incident - CRAZY!