Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just give me my bubble tea!

Just got back from Ribfest at city hall with Shauny + watching a cam version of The Hangover at Shaun's place. If you haven't watched The Hangover yet, I highly recommend it (but not the cam version, that's rough times).

Anyways, my story is not about the absolutely delicious pulled pork sandwich, or about Shaun laying out blankets on his couch (so that we don't get them dirty), or about the hilariousness of The Hangover. It's about ridiculous people working at Bubble Republic.

The wife and I had a craving for bubble tea, so we headed over to Bubble Republic. When you place a take out order there, they ask you for your name, and whenever I give any variation of my name (e.g. "Alexis", "Al"), without fail, they ask me to spell it. Y'all don't know how to spell "Al"? For real?

So the plan this time around: Find a name that I think is common enough that they don't ask me to spell it out. C'mon, this ain't the ESPN spelling bee, numbnuts! I just want to give you a name, you write it down, and then call me over when my shit is ready. Got it?

Attempt #1: PING. This is my bubble tea name. Ping. It not only sounds common enough, it's also easy to sound out phonetically.

At least, I thought it was. "How do you spell that?" was what the bubble tea waitress asked me, after I repeated my name twice. Fuck!

Alright, I need a new bubble tea name. Do you have any suggestions?


Lena! said...

Try Bubble Boy. If they can't spell that, well...

Steve said...