Sunday, June 07, 2009

Getting ready for baby

The weekends just seem to evaporate lately. We're still shopping for furniture and decor for our home. Our electronics can't sit on cardboard boxes forever, ya heard? And this coffee table, from my mother-in-law, with the doilies on it? It's gotta go.

We finally have grass outside. That's the good news. The bad news is that I need to water the grass now. Spoiler alert: Watering the grass sucks.

We're also preparing for our firstborn. Just spent the whole weekend painting the nursery. Thanks for the help, Mike and Mom! I actually thought I could get it done in one day. What was I thinking!? It took us half a day just to buy materials, and move all of the furniture out of the room (including a queen-sized bed that took forever to get into the basement). Here's a list of shit that other people might know, but I didn't know:
- You should put two coats of paint on the wall
- You should wait one night before you put on the second coat
- Wall trim in the middle of the wall is called a chair rail
- Paint comes in different sheens
- Just because a mattress is lightweight, doesn't mean it can't fuck up your varnish when you slide it down the stairs.
- Painting a nursery 2 different colours, with a chair rail, is probably way too ambitious when you've never painted before...

In spite of my ignorance, Stuff got done. Here's the progress so far:
Looks pretty good, eh? My wife picked out the colours, and I think she made excellent choices! It's still missing the chair rail, which I still need to cut, dap, and nail onto the wall. Bah! Every part of this was harder than I expected. It'll look sick when it's done though. Here's a preview with the chair rail on the wall:

It's not all business up in here:

I'll post more pics when it's done and we get some baby furniture in as well. Anyone know where we can get some baby-themed stencils?


Lena! said...

Looking good Al!!!

For baby-themed stencils, try a teacher's store (there's one at Winston Churchill & Dundas). Also, I love vinyl wall decor - looks like paint and has a flawless finish. You can grab all sorts of cute girly flowers and baby themes at Michaels - check out my post on wall art (we plastered Ryder's play room with it) ~

chinwhat said...

stnecils: make them yourself! that's what i do for my shirts.

go to work and 'borrow' some of those over heard projector sheets.

inteweb pictures you like and print them out on paper.

tape the paper to the plastic sheets.

grab your xacto knife and cut.

its so easy, even shaun does it! (he makes cut out star trak emblem stencils for his pajamas.)

Rubex Cube said...

Good work Al and Mike! Love the color on the lower half of the wall :)