Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shouldn't have had that coffee

Lil Lex had a good idea: Drink coffee at 8PM in preparation for late-night NBA playoffs

Lil Lex ate an apple cheese danish from Tim Horton's. Delicious

Lil Lex watched the season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8

Lil Lex thought game 4 of Nuggets/Lakers was a lot like game 3 of Cavs/Magic

Lil Lex was sorta hoping for a close finish, since there have been so many close finishes during these playoffs

Lil Lex needs to organize the cables in his office, and welcomes any suggestions

Lil Lex is still not tired yet

Lil Lex is going to be messed up tomorrow


chinwhat said...

i suggest you stop watching 'john & kate + 8' what's wrong with you? do you watch that midget show or that show w/the siamese twins, too? "smarten up!" (C) Shaunjay

Listen to Lena! said...

I hate to have to agree with Chin... but c'mon, John & Kate + 8? Don't you read In Touch? They're not even together anymore!

Rubex Cube said...

gross John and Kate + 8 (rolls eyes)

Oh and apple cheese danish is iky try the chocolate danish instead - YUMMY

Lil Lex said...

Jon and Kate plus 8 used to be good, but that season premiere was a train wreck.

Rubex Cube said...

I can't believe that after this post I actually watch the re-run of the Jon and Kate season preimere. Did you hear about their $10 million divorce - gasp!