Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Not-so-Madness?

I got into an argument with my friend Jon the other day. I think he's going to win.

You see, it's March Madness time, and everyone that's cool puts money down on who's going to win the NCAA basketball championship. You go to the website of your choice, like ESPN, pick who's going to win during each round of the tournament, and then you sit in front of the TV watching basketball and waiting for the money to roll in. Easy enough, right?

Well, he tells me that since I don't know a lot about college basketball, I should just select the higher-seeded team at each round. "That's boring, you dumb, stupid, ugly loser!", I tell him. "It's also ineffective ... You could be missing out on big points from crazy upsets." Note that I probably shouldn't be using quotations, because I'm paraphrasing (regardless of the fact that Jon is indeed dumb, stupid, ugly, and a loser).

But hey, he deserves at least the 15 minutes required to determine the credibility of his statements, so I went ahead and tried to find out how many points he would have scored using his grade 3ish technique (I actually took the time in order to further humiliate him, but as you will find out, the joke is on me).

Scoring 10 points for each correct selection during the round of 64, 20 points for the round of 32, 40 points for the sweet sixteen, and 80 points for the elite eight, here's what Jon would have scored with his selections:

Round of 64
Jon: 220 points
Al: 250 points

Ha! I win, bitch!

Round of 32
Jon:280 points
Al: 240 points

Shit ... well, I'm still in it!

Sweet Sixteen
Jon: 240 points
Al: 160 points

Stupid UConn! Or is it stupid Al?

Elite Eight
Jon: 160 points
Al: 80 points

Yikes! Why Memphis, why!? That's the last time I'm ever listening to Justin Timberlake

In total (up to this point):
Jon: 900 points
Al: 730 points

Jon's score is not only enough to smoke my bracket, but actually it would give him the lead over everyone in our group. Of course, there's still the two games in the final four, and the championship game, which would both require you to do something different, since all four teams in your bracket would be seeded #1 ... But ... 900 points without even thinking is a pretty big score.

I'm going to listen to Jon more often from now on. He's wise, which doesn't mean he's smart, it just means that he's really, really, old.

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chris said...

damn you Louisville!