Friday, April 10, 2009

All about baby!

Everyone is excited about CathyAl's baby! We've been receiving a lot of love, and we're both very grateful.

Thanks to Lena, who made sure that we were aware of Zeller's moonlight madness, an opportunity to grab baby stuff at bargain prices.

Also, big thanks to SaraDooch, and TeamID's first baby, Cash, for hooking us up with Raptor claw baby bibs!

We're past the halfway point, and looking forward to meeting our son/daughter. Only 15 more weeks to go (or less ... gulp)!


Lena! said...

Glad you guys grabbed some great stuff! Was it crazy insane in there? I skipped this one but have been to others... sheesh, the maniacs you encounter!

Rubex Cube said...

Can't wait to meet *baby* soon hehe