Monday, March 30, 2009

Feed me music

I've said this on many an occasion: I spend a lot of time in my car commuting, and I need lots of new music when I'm driving. Lots!

If you can suggest anything, please leave it in the comments. Here's what I've downloaded lately:

Keri Hilson - In a Perfect World
This album is dope. Granted, if Timbaland produced my album, it would also be pretty dope.

Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless
I'm also digging this album, Jazmine Sullivan has a sexy voice, and a matching crowbar to bust the windows out yo car!

Leona Lewis - Spirit
Solid top to bottom, it's no wonder that this album was nominated for a Grammy. Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III was also nominated, forever tainting the credibility of these awards.

Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted
I don't give a fuck! I love this shit!

Let me know what you're listening to!


chinwhat said...

if you don't like that 'grammy' shit, don't listen to what shaun and ruby have to say, OP. hahaha

i recommend chin chin. they're a less electronic version of Jamiroquai - and yes, i found out about them from okp.

Rubex Cube said...

WTF why should he not listen to me!