Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday evening rambling

What a great weekend! The only thing that could've made it better would be a pair of Raptors wins, but that's about as likely nowadays as Chris saying goodbye before he leaves a TeamID get-together. Oh well...

Anyways, let's break down how this came to be such a great weekend:
- I finally purchased an Airport Extreme Base Station, which will help me with all of my wireless networking needs. I'm currently backing up my computer over the wireless network (that's good!), but since I only have wireless-g, it's going to take somewhere close to 26 hours (that's right, a whole friggin day, and then a bit more) to completely back up my 148GB of data. That's bad. Everything will be incremental after that, so I just gotta stick it out (and hope my HD doesn't crash sometime between now and 2PM tomorrow :s

note: Sorry Rubes, I exchanged the camera you bought for bad santa in order to afford my new Apple gadget. The camera was a good idea, except (a) I'm Canon for life, and (b) my current camera is still going strong.

- My brother hooked me up with the installer for iLife '09, Which has lots of goodies like facial recognition. But I can't install it yet, because my computer is still backing up. Argh!

- The wife and I spent most of Sunday test-driving an Anna Olson recipe for chocolate strawberry trifle. Aw snap! It tastes great, so we gotta pick up a trifle bowl, and prep it again for Rock Band night, coming soon to a CathyAl home near you! While we were in the kitchen, we had the TV tuned to ABC, where we saw 4 heavyweight teams square off in an NBA doubleheader. Roger Mason Jr. are you kidding me?!

- I watched Batman Begins, part of Chris' bad santa gift that my wife scored.

Batman - (Tim Burton + Joel Schumacher) + Christopher Nolan + Michael Caine + home theatre = "Uhh, I'll run my errands later"

- I ate my wife's paz-ghetti. Dee-lish!

- I saw Logan. That by itself makes my whole week.

Tomorrow is my wife's first day back to work after being on leave for two months. Wish her luck!


chinwhat said...

what the-? why you punking the tim burton batmans? okay, maybe the second one was questionable, but the first one doesn't deserve to get punked...

Rubex Cube said...

Al it's ok its the thought that counts! Now when you look at your "Aiport Extreme Base Station" think RUBY RUBY RUBY!

Please blog about your Cathy's first day was back...crossing fingers and toes that it was ok

Lil Lex said...

Go back and watch it again. Trust me Chin, you won't be impressed.

I'll name my AEBS after you Rubes.

Rubex Cube said...

Sweet - first your car now your AEBS! hehe