Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuff that's on my mind

I'm trying my best to help out my wife, who's having it rough during her first trimester. Morning sickness is actually all-day sickness for her. And she's always tired. So rubbing her back and getting her orange juice is the least I can do. I love you babes!

I think I've done a great job with house chores, but all of my button-ups feel like they've shrunk. Maybe it's the extra inches around my waist from holiday all-you-can-gorge goodness.

Rock Band 2 drums on expert is friggin hard. It hurts my head so much that I curse at the TV. Speaking of Rock Band, I'm thinking of hosting a Rock Band party. That would be fun. But I'll play drums on hard instead of expert, unless we turn on no-fail mode.

The realtime traffic data on my Garmin 265 sucks for real all the time. I was expecting to be automatically re-routed based on traffic delays. Instead, I'm sitting in traffic and the Garmin tells me there's "no traffic on route". Mothafuckas!

Starting to catch up on the episodes of Californication that we missed, and this show gets a Lil Lex megastamp of approval. If you aren't watching it, I'm begging you ... BEGGING ... to pick up season 1 wherever you obtain digital media (legal or otherwise) and watch it.

Lost season 5 premieres one week from today. Can't wait!


chinwhat said...

if you want to help out cathy, stop taking smelly shits! hahaha

Shaun said...

Processed poo man.. processed poo!

Shaun said...

This is what I mean...
Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is what I was talking about last post. I was at friend's for dinner. When I went to empty my plate in the garbage ...

... there were too many receptacle options. Three unlabeled containers: One for recylcling, one for composting and one for waste. Which was which? Who knows!

I didn't want to offend my friend and his tree-hugging ways, so I stood there confused for many moments. Eventually, I just gave up. Thanks for nothing Chin.

The point of the story is why bother? The Chindia region has a booming economy. It has an emerging middle class of almost 500,000,000 million people -- not including the peasants moving on up.

Their demands for needs (energy, clean water) and wants (automobiles, consumer products) are going to drive world pollutions levels to a scale no one has ever seen before.

Think they care about Kyoto? Think they care that a bulk of their energy is being produced comes from coal? NO! They're only interested in this "new" lifestyle.

So why bother? We're pretty much doomed environmentally. Live it up now, because when the skies turn permanently red ...

... you'll be kicking yourself.

Oh why did I deprive myself of air conditioning? -- and -- I should've just got the V8 SUV instead of the Yaris -- and -- Why did I waste days of my life sorting paper, plastic and food waste.

But what about the saying "Every little bit helps" -- that was the same saying the Polish horse-mounted cavalry said when they were trying to stop Nazi tanks in WWII.

Trust me on this one! Don't deprive yourselves. Enjoy now, because other's aren't going to leave any for you.

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Rubex Cube said...

I am hooked on Lost - there was a season ending marathon last week with a pop up video style play by play and I can't wait to see this seasons primere. Not sure why I never watched it before haha

Ahhh keep rubbing your wifey's back and waiting on her hand and foot - good job!