Monday, January 12, 2009

CathyAl: soon-to-be-parents!

We've been keeping a secret for the last 3 months ... Cathy's pregnant! We just got back from her ultrasound appointment, it appears that we counted wrong and we're one week early, so no ultrasound picture yet :(

We're going back next week, I'll put up a picture once I get it. Can't tell you much more now, because I'm at work, but I'll blog more later tonight.

We're both very excited! TeamID baby 2K9!


Rubex Cube said...

Congrats CathyAl+Little One...OMG I can't wait for the newest member of Team ID to make his/her debut!

Lena! said...

Congrats Cathy and Alexis! That is such wonderful news! Woo hoo... a wonderful 2009 for ya'll indeed!

Ryder wants to say Congrats too...

ghiuyuth jo bnerjiuipyl;;8ujj,l89p8gh j m mmmmhuugmhmmm h c

I think I see a "hug" in there!

trola said...

Congratulations CathyAl!

Shaun said...

Congrats! However.. I need to remind you that I will still be the perennial winner of the "Father o' the Year Award" despite not having any children of my own.

Please remember this.

I also am available to baby sit and will teach your child manners, IP routing and other interesting things such as cloud formations.

chinwhat said...

when you get the picture, don't the the creepy "3D" one in orange. lots of people think it looks cool. i think it looks freaky

also, l would like to listen to shaun's IP routing lecture.