Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A day with my iPhone

Apple Fanboy strikes again! Here to detail his addiction to his iPhone. It's like crack, son!

I plug my phone into my laptop before I hop in the shower. When I get back, my subscibed podcasts, pictures from iPhoto, and music from iTunes are all synced up with my phone. Whaddup.

3G net connection on the GO train, mothafuckas! I'm up to date on my fantasy basketball league before my friends even wake up. I've also got some time to watch videos on YouTube.

The TTC ride from union to bloor is approximately 6 minutes. Enough time to play a puzzle game like Word Warp. Better than staring at crappy ads and old people.

Let's play some music while I walk to work. I'm getting too old for the radio, I like to listen to what I want to listen to, and I got 10gigs worth of it travelling with me at all times. Gucci Mane? No thanks. How about some Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas instead?

Standing in lineups used to suck. Now I find the longest lineup, and while I'm waiting to order a chicken shawarma, I see what people are saying on Twitter. Olivia Munn and Rainn Wilson have been a few of my favourites lately.

I track all of my spending using Quicken online, so that I can figure out at the end of the week how I lost all of my cash so quickly. $10 for a burrito!? WTF!?

Rotate this badboy and watch some video podcasts from Attack of the Show and College Humor. I wish there was a video podcast with basketball highlights. I'll try to find one tonight ... Watching Olivia Munn is a suitable alternative.

Shopping at Wal-Mart, and Kaiya is looking particularly cute this evening. Snap a pic with my phone (yes, the camera sucks, but let's ignore that for a sec), and upload to Facebook.

Need to surf or check email, but my laptop is too far (one flight of stairs, ugh). iPhone on wi-fi (if you're in Paris, they pronounce it wee-fee) does the trick in a pinch.

Just to sprinkle a bit of haterade on this post, my brother's been using the Palm Pre for a while, and he says battery life sucks. Until next time, Apple fanboy signing off!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall means mad TV

What are y'all watching this fall?New seasons of last year's hits?Any new shows that you can recommend? CathyAl don't have as much time as we used to, but we have a PVR, and gatdammit, we're going to pack as many shows into our schedule as possible! Let's run down the fall/winter schedule:

Raptors Basketball:
Ball above all. And from what I'm hearing, the Raps may be the only Toronto-based team worth watching!

The entire planet blacks out for 2 minutes, and during that time, everyone has a vision of the future. Interesting, no? John Cho, of Harold and Kumar fame, is part of the cast, which should sway at least one person to watch this show (oh wait, that one person is me).

January 2010! Aw Snap! If you're not watching this show, I sorta feel sorry for you.

Everyone's favourite serial killer is married with a newborn baby. Sounds like me! The writing for this show has been solid for three seasons, and after 3 episodes, season 4 is already a winner. You can't go wrong with John Lithgow as the main villain. Ever watch Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone? Booyah!

Mix over-the-edge hilarious comedy with frontal nudity, and you get a winner. Season 3, and still going strong. David Duchovny plays a womanizing jerk, and plays it well.

Lie to Me
Why am I drawn to shows where the main character is a total jerk? Maybe because I relate to them so well. In this one, it's Tim Roth, a.i. jerks off to him all the time. I am hoping that this show can help me with my poker game. "you're lying!" Mekhi Phifer is part of the cast for season 2!

Dancing with the Stars
Don't hate on ballroom dancing until you see the pro dancers. They are half-naked and flipping hot! Edita, Cheryl, Chelsea, Kim, Lacie ... teach me to dance! Snap! Also, Mya is a contestant this season, and she is also hot! Sexy has me sold.

Bored to Death
Semi-interested in this show starring Jason Shwartzman (Funny People), Zach Galifianakis (Alan from The Hangover), and Ted Danson (you don't know Ted Danson?! WTF!). Very dry, aka right up my alley. And it has Alan from The Hangover, which is the funniest movie for 2009 (until I watch Zombieland).

Chin got me hooked on this OLN show, so we keep a few episodes on hand in case of emergency (i.e. when we run out of other shows to watch). If I were in the wilderness, trying to outwit a dude on a horse who can track each of the leaves you've displaced and twigs you've snapped, I wouldn't last more than 20 minutes. Fail.

Dog Whisperer
Why does a guy who doesn't own a dog watch a show
about dog behaviour?

If you have any more shows you think we should pick up, let me know. Or better yet, don't. We've probably got more shows than we can handle. But if you're watching any of these shows, come on over and watch them with us!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Let's get to know Kaiya

Miss thang will be 11 weeks old on Sunday. Yay!

She's starting to smile and laugh now. It makes for a lot of photo-ops, and a lot of fam in the house fighting for her attention. She likes it when you read her a story.

She's getting bigger and stronger. Her neck is strong enough that she can almost hold her head up. Give her a few more weeks (maybe even days). She is kicking like a gold-medalist swimmer in the tub.

Whenever she's in the car, or at the mall in her stroller, she is knocked out cold.

She is ruler of the household. Give her what she wants, and give it to her now, or else! She has the power to make you stare at her for hours while she sleeps. I love her, and I would do anything for her, including punching any one of you reading this blog! Pretty violent, eh? I know. So don't get her riled up!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kaiya gets her ears pierced

Went with her cousins, her mom, grandmother, and her aunt. As you can tell, she had a blast!

Parking "enforcement"

I should have blogged about this much sooner, but I kept forgetting. Instant classic!

When wifey was still pregnant, she had it pretty rough. Her feet had swelled up so much that she bought a pair of shoes one shoe-size larger than usual -- and they still didn't fit unless she had the laces untied, gangsta-style. She had back pains, and carpal tunnel in both of her wrists. Rough times, yo!

She took comfort in little things, like being able to use the "parking for expecting mothers" spots at the mall. Sometimes the spots are labelled "parking for parents with child" or "parking for parents with small children", but we parked in those spots too, because pregnant moms deserve them just as much as mothers of newborns. They've got strollers! She's got swollen feet!

This sets the table for today's story! We head to the Sheridan Center (map), a fairly ghetto mall, to finalize some baby stuff. My wife was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. We score one of the above-mentioned parking spots and head in. We weren't in the mall for more than 10 minutes, and we found this letter on our windshield wiper when we got back:

You can click for a larger version, but here's what it read:

Why are you parked
here, there is no
car seat in your car
This space is for people with infant's

Shame on you!

I have reported your
licience to the police

I already started chuckling before reading this note, because I could see from a distance that someone had left a message on the car, and that it wasn't going to be nice. I was laughing even more after I read it. What a loser! In less than 10 minutes, they snooped around the car, scribbled a note, and then scurried off like Chris Childs

First of all the grammar is off. "Infant's" is the possessive for "infant", not the plural, dummy! If you're going to punk me about being stupid, try not to look stupid in the process. Secondly, having a car seat in my car doesn't prove that I have an infant, it just proves that I have a car seat in my car. Lastly, there is no law that I'm aware of prohibiting people from parking in those spots. If jerks want to be jerks, let them be jerks, don't leave letters on their windshields! You run the risk of embarrassing yourself when a really pregnant woman walks out and reads your stupid note.

Any of you have similar loser stories?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Day

Running errands all morning, and now I'm at Kar Kare getting Ruby detailed. I forgot my earphones! I downloaded a lot of new music last night as well ... crap-ola. I even contemplated buying new earphones at Wal-Mart, just so I could listen to music while I waited.

Mike and Michelle's Jack and Jill is tonight. Hoping I can play some poker and win some money! Also hoping I can spend some time with my baby Kaiya. She's a cutie!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wonder Twins

http://twitpic.com/i4025 from Chris Hardwick's Twitter, for the pleasure of interweb nerds.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Review: The Blueprint 3

A new Jay-Z album! Aw snap! Let's have a listen, shall we?

I downloaded it, popped it on my iPhone, and listened to it front-to-back. When it was done, I was so pumped that I listened to the whole thing again. Over the weekend I listened to it a few more times. If I wrote my review after the first listen, it would have gone something like, "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod". I'll be a bit more objective, rest assured.

On the surface, this is an enjoyable collection of tracks. As per usual, Jay has employed the hip-hop super-producers to provide him with beats, a list that includes No ID, Timbaland, Swizz Beats, The Neptunes, and Kanye West (yeah, MTV video awards, Taylor Swift, blah blah blah. I'm not interested in K West the paparazzi punching crazy person. I'm interested in quality production. Let's stay on topic).

The beats are, for the most part, top notch. I like hip-hop that doesn't sound like hip-hop. Tracks like "Death of Auto-tune", "Empire State of Mind", and "Already Home" mix in non-traditional hip-hop instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, and what sounds like a clarinet (shout-out to Anthony Pasalic, circa grade 6). You mix in hooks from Rihanna ("Run this Town") and Alicia Keys ("Empire State of Mind") and you can call it a day. Done!

So, here's where things start to head downhill. Jigga's lyrical flow is always fresh, but the lyrical content on this album is non-existant. There is only so much you want to hear about Jay-Z swagger. Track after track he keeps saying the same things: Critics can hate all they want, he doesn't care. Everyone is copying his style. Nobody is doing anything new except for him. Something something haters. Yawn. Where's the wit and the charm? Where's the deep introspection? It ain't on Blueprint 3.

Mix in annoying tracks like "As Real as it Gets" with Young Jeezy and "Thank You", and what you're left with is an okay album. Oh yeah, and Kanye's verse on "Run This Town"? Booooring.

I'm still going to have a few of these tracks on heavy rotation, like "On to the Next One". What is it about Swizz Beats that I find appealing? I'm sure I'm the only one that doesn't find this song annoying. A Keys on "Empire" is sick!

Have you heard the new album yet? What do you think?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Apple ain't all roses

I switched from PC to Mac a few years ago. I was fucking sick of Windows. I hated that my computer would boot up in 30 seconds after a clean install, and 3 months later my computer would take 10 minutes. I hated searching for drivers. I hated the taskbar. I feel sick just thinking about the hoops I used to jump through.

So I switched. I was using Apple computers at my old job, and found them easy to use, while still being extremely powerful. No more crashes, viruses, or slowdowns for me! And a slick OS to boot, with lots of interface goodies to keep me organized and productive. Yay!

But over the years, I've come to terms with the fact that I didn't switch to the best platform ever; just the lesser of 2 evils.

Apple constantly sacrifices function for form. Take, for example, the crappy 2MP camera on my iPhone. Lots of phones have 5MP cams with flash. But Apple wanted this thing to be thin.

Another example: My Macbook Pro is supposed to be a laptop, but be careful putting that thing on your lap! The bottom gets frigging hot, and it'll actually burn you if you tax the processor. But, it's thin and slick (rolls eyes). PS the batteries only have an 18 month or less lifespan. After that, they don't hold a charge. I've already purchased one replacement, and dem thangs ain't cheap.

Apple's rapid product releases and super secret launch dates constantly leave you in a situation where you pay full price for a product, and then they release a better product one day later at the same price. Fuck! This happened with my iPod nano, my Macbook Pro, and my iPhone(oh, I really wish I had the iPhone 3GS).

Apple also releases products that are missing features, knowing full well that people will still buy them, and also knowing that they can sell an updated version later and make more money. iPhoto, Apple's photo management application, couldn't group photos automatically by date until last year. Picassa, Google's photo management app, had this feature in version 1.

So there it is, I don't blindly follow the cult of Mac. I can grumble and groan about the cash I'm shelling out and the shortcomings I need to deal with. Buy I grumble a lot less than when I was running WinXP. Windows sucks.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Will work for Shadow Complex

I just watched the review of Shadow Complex from Attack of the Show. It looks fairly sick. I'm hoping to get an invite to Chris/Chin's place to play. I hope they still read my blog...

The closest I've gotten to playing video games in the past few months is watching Mike play Arkham Asylum while I ironed. Sigh.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cousin's wedding in Minnesota

Congratulations, BA and Kevin! Thank you both, and thanks to my MN family, for inviting us over. We had a great time! I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was hard for me to be away from my precious Kaiya.

Random highlights of the trip:
- Printed my boarding pass from my home printer! It's like I'm living in the future!
- Saw a Northwest Airlines airplane. They're using the acronym NWA, but when I see those letters, I'm not thinking about flying. I'm thinking Straight Outta Compton
- Why the heck do Americans set up their onramps and offramps so that I'm always at risk of getting into a car accident?
- iChat AV + free Wi-Fi at the hotel!
- BA, you've got one of the biggest smiles in the whole world
- My niece (or second cousin, if you're really going to get technical) Krystal is always fun to hang out with. Hope you had a fun time!
- Always good to see my cousins Ling and Dex
- Hanging out with my bro ... When was the last time we did that?!
- Snuck in a trip to Mall of America. It's a "mall" in quotation marks, cuz it's also an amusement park. Bananas! I stopped by a store call Metropark, and the fashion T-shirts there are off the hook. I saw one with Mos Def on it! But it was too expensive for me, so I didn't buy it :(

- Stopped by a convenience store, and they were selling pre-cooked White Castle burgers!

- The liquor store we went to was called "Liquor Time", as in, "What time is it? .... Liquor time!!!!"
- This was my first time getting really drunk and having mobile access to Facebook. Did you like my updates?
- I was well on my way to drunk blogging when I got back to my room. When I woke up in the morning, I saw my post; I had not yet published it. I re-read it, and decided, "naw, that's not going up". Delete.
- Nothing better than sleeping in a pair of dress pants and a button-up. At least I took my wallet out of my back pocket.

Hope to see my Minnesota fam again soon!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I've been sitting outside of the Queen's Quay LCBO for the last 50 minutes, waiting for the stupid Impark office to open so I can return my parking transponder and pass. I should have checked the office hours before I left the house at my regular time (6:30am!)

This fucking sucks!

Monday, August 03, 2009

10 random things about my newborn daughter

1. Her name has multiple origins, from Australian to Japanese, and each have different meanings. But we like the African meaning, "Diamond in the sky".

2. She's a Raptors fan, just like her daddy

3. She cries like a beauty pageant runner-up whenever you change her diapers. The nurses say that she shouldn't have tear ducts yet, but she's had them since day 1. Deeee-vaaah!

4. A lot of people say that she looks like me. I don't see it, but I'll take it as a compliment.

5. I use Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, and Nas to rock her to sleep. "It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine..."

6. She has a baby monitor, and we've only used it once. It's unnecessary, with the lungs this girl possesses. You ever wake up in the middle of the night like, "holy shit, someone is going to kill me"? Yeah, those lungs.

7. She was born at Mount Sinai hospital, where mommy and baby received top-notch care. Lots of thanks to the incredible nurses, doctors, and staff on the 7th and 10th floors, and at the Hydro One building. Everyone was so friendly and helpful!

8. She likes to time her pee and poop for the 15-30 seconds after I take her dirty diapers off.

9. Her mommy is in love with her

10. Her daddy is in love with her

The last two were cop-outs I know. I need 10 items on this list, and I'm starting to get sleepy! It's almost time for her next feeding, gotta go!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why use twitter?

I remember when I first signed up for Twitter, I used it for all of five minutes, and then gave up.

"I don't get it."

It seemed to just be the exact same thing as Facebook status updates, except with a 140-character limit. All of the other cool ways to interact with friends on Facebook, they don't exist on Twitter. Nope, all you do is update your status message.

"That's it?"

It wasn't until months later that I realized Twitter's advantages:
- I can follow updates for anyone I want on Twitter. This differs from Facebook, where friend requests need to be approved before updates/pictures/etc. are visible. So, if you want to see what Olivia Munn is up to, you can. A recent tweet reads: "holy crap my custom leia robe was short! www.oliviamunn.com". Now that's news, people!

- The character limit makes surfing through updates digestible. There are a few of my Facebook friends (whom I will leave anonymous) that write freakin essays. I've learned to keep scrolling, my ghetto method of filtering crap. 140 Characters has a way of mandating that you get to the fucking point.

- News can potentially come faster on Twitter than any other source. Example 1: Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man 2) letting everyone know: "We just wrapped principal photography." Example 2: Eric Smith (Toronto Raptors radio personality) tell us " Just got off the phone w/ Anthony Parker. He confirmed that he is signing w/ CLE. Says he loves Toronto and will miss Toronto".

- It does a damn good job killing time. You bored? Tweet about something. Or find out what others are tweeting about. I can stand in any-sized lineup, as long as my iPhone has battery life (and as long as people are tweeting).

- There are plenty of tools out there that let you simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook, or selectively post to either site. Nice!

Don't have a Twitter account? Get one ... it's Lil Lex approved! And then follow me: @atorreno

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just give me my bubble tea!

Just got back from Ribfest at city hall with Shauny + watching a cam version of The Hangover at Shaun's place. If you haven't watched The Hangover yet, I highly recommend it (but not the cam version, that's rough times).

Anyways, my story is not about the absolutely delicious pulled pork sandwich, or about Shaun laying out blankets on his couch (so that we don't get them dirty), or about the hilariousness of The Hangover. It's about ridiculous people working at Bubble Republic.

The wife and I had a craving for bubble tea, so we headed over to Bubble Republic. When you place a take out order there, they ask you for your name, and whenever I give any variation of my name (e.g. "Alexis", "Al"), without fail, they ask me to spell it. Y'all don't know how to spell "Al"? For real?

So the plan this time around: Find a name that I think is common enough that they don't ask me to spell it out. C'mon, this ain't the ESPN spelling bee, numbnuts! I just want to give you a name, you write it down, and then call me over when my shit is ready. Got it?

Attempt #1: PING. This is my bubble tea name. Ping. It not only sounds common enough, it's also easy to sound out phonetically.

At least, I thought it was. "How do you spell that?" was what the bubble tea waitress asked me, after I repeated my name twice. Fuck!

Alright, I need a new bubble tea name. Do you have any suggestions?

Reserved optimism

When Bryan Colangelo first stepped in as the Raptors' GM, he overhauled the team and brought in 9 new faces. That team went on to an impressive 47-win season, and Raptor fans praised BC for his basketball genius.

Since then, we've had 41 and 33 win seasons, and haters came out of the woodwork. Instead of "genius", the label du jour was "fraud". Real Raptor fans understood the real issues (The loss of Garbajosa, Bargnani's slow development, Jermaine O'neal's health issues), but not-so-real "Raptor fans" wanted a stage to stroke their egos. Yes, the Raptors are losing, and that probably makes you happy. Yes, BC made mistakes, and that also makes you happy. Congratulations. Hopefully, your wife/girlfriend will leave you soon, and you'll get laid off from your job at McDonald's, and you'll be right about that too.


Last off-season there was talk about a deep run in the playoffs. It was an extremely exciting time. Our 3-0 start removed any doubt from our minds: This was our year! Sadly, our high expectations fell hard, like that "the bigger they are" cliche (mental note, figure out the keyboard shortcut for adding an e accent acute). There was a bad taste in everyone's mouth, the same taste that you get after reading a Dave Feschuk article.

This summer, BC has pulled off the near-impossible. 5 new Raptors, a possible sixth (Jarrett Jack) coming soon, and rumblings about some familiar faces coming back (Nesterovic, Delfino). Haven't been keeping up? Shame on you. Please stop reading my blog post and move on to something that might interest you more, like the custody battle over Michael Jackson's kids (see my previous blog post).

But it's important to remember what happened last season, so that we don't repeat our delusions of grandeur. I only expect improvement over last season, and nothing more. I expect DeMar DeRozen to come off the bench, and to make a lot of mistakes. I expect him to sprinkle in some sick dunks along the way. I expect Jose Calderon to be consistent throughout the entire season. I expect Hedo Turkoglu to put up the same numbers as last season, not to be our saviour. I expect Reggie Evans to not grab Chris Kaman's nuts anymore.

Lastly, I expect haters to shut their mouths. Is that too much to ask?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Spewing hate

I can't stand when people start sentences with the word "basically." Am I stupid? Do you really need to dumb it down for me to understand?

I like watching old Michael Jackson videos. I hate watching news about the Jackson custody battle. Don't watch that shit, it's poison for your brain.

I hate "Raptor fans" that want to bitch and whine 24/7.

I hate people that misuse the word "literally." It doesn't mean what you think. "I literally jumped 50 feet in the air" ... No, you didn't.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mowing the lawn

I hate mowing the lawn. It's not only expensive to own and maintain a lawn mower, but it's also time-consuming and laborious to go out in the sun and push the stupid thing around. I've got better things to do, like read about Hedo Turkgolu coming to Toronto (which, by the way, I'm not totally sold on).

I had to mow the lawn today for the first time. I now know what's waiting for me when I get to hell. I'll be mowing a small stretch of grass, and then I'll need to stop. Pull the bag out, empty it, place it back. Start the motor -- it's jammed. Clear the blade, start the motor again. repeat. repeat. repeat.

The recent excess of rainfall didn't make this task any easier. It took me 3 freaking hours! Guess how many yard bags I filled with grass. Go ahead.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby's Room!


I thought that painting the baby's room was only going to take a day. [In a scruffy Charlie Murphy voice] Wrong! Wrong!

It took an entire weekend to paint, and another weekend to cut, nail, dap, fill + touch-up the chair rail. There were moments of grumpiness, but in the end it was all worth it. The room looks great!

The wife and I knew that we wanted one more finishing touch, be we didn't quite know what to do. The first idea was to buy/create stencils, and paint them above and below the chair rail. But my attempts to silhouette artwork that I found online failed miserably - Everything turned out either looking evil and scary, or silly and unrecognizable. Imagine?

Cathy: "It's a teddy bear!"
Chin: "No, it looks more like a lump of turd"

So I chickened out and decided to buy wall stickers from Home Depot. They're full colour, removable, and they work well with our paint colours. Snap! Also, you can't go wrong with a Pooh-themed baby's room.

I made y'all a video, with Mos Def's "Umi Says" in the background. Why that song? Because it sounds dope, that's why. Check it out:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do not waste your time.

I listened to the Black Eyed Peas new album. I found it monotonous. It sounded like a bad dance album. But I decided to give it a second chance this morning.

It sounded worse.

I can get my nephew to babble and play on his baby piano, and it would sound much better. I could put a microphone by my butt and play "beans, beans, beans, the musical fruit", run that back on an 8-track player, and find it more appealing. I would much rather listen to Chin read the phone book than listen to this album again.

I recommend that you listen to Mos Def's new album, The Ecstatic, instead.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Getting ready for baby

The weekends just seem to evaporate lately. We're still shopping for furniture and decor for our home. Our electronics can't sit on cardboard boxes forever, ya heard? And this coffee table, from my mother-in-law, with the doilies on it? It's gotta go.

We finally have grass outside. That's the good news. The bad news is that I need to water the grass now. Spoiler alert: Watering the grass sucks.

We're also preparing for our firstborn. Just spent the whole weekend painting the nursery. Thanks for the help, Mike and Mom! I actually thought I could get it done in one day. What was I thinking!? It took us half a day just to buy materials, and move all of the furniture out of the room (including a queen-sized bed that took forever to get into the basement). Here's a list of shit that other people might know, but I didn't know:
- You should put two coats of paint on the wall
- You should wait one night before you put on the second coat
- Wall trim in the middle of the wall is called a chair rail
- Paint comes in different sheens
- Just because a mattress is lightweight, doesn't mean it can't fuck up your varnish when you slide it down the stairs.
- Painting a nursery 2 different colours, with a chair rail, is probably way too ambitious when you've never painted before...

In spite of my ignorance, Stuff got done. Here's the progress so far:
Looks pretty good, eh? My wife picked out the colours, and I think she made excellent choices! It's still missing the chair rail, which I still need to cut, dap, and nail onto the wall. Bah! Every part of this was harder than I expected. It'll look sick when it's done though. Here's a preview with the chair rail on the wall:

It's not all business up in here:

I'll post more pics when it's done and we get some baby furniture in as well. Anyone know where we can get some baby-themed stencils?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shouldn't have had that coffee

Lil Lex had a good idea: Drink coffee at 8PM in preparation for late-night NBA playoffs

Lil Lex ate an apple cheese danish from Tim Horton's. Delicious

Lil Lex watched the season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8

Lil Lex thought game 4 of Nuggets/Lakers was a lot like game 3 of Cavs/Magic

Lil Lex was sorta hoping for a close finish, since there have been so many close finishes during these playoffs

Lil Lex needs to organize the cables in his office, and welcomes any suggestions

Lil Lex is still not tired yet

Lil Lex is going to be messed up tomorrow

Friday, May 15, 2009


Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network featured a restaurant in Maryland that serves crab. Shit looks off the hook! I recommend a road trip down there so we can all eat some of this friggin crab!

View Larger Map

Saturday, May 09, 2009

11 Things to love about Star Trek

11. It was better than the last one.
10. Sulu aka John Cho aka Harold Lee, and his travel-friendly sword
9. I plan on teaching my daughter some of that 4/3π shit like those Vulcans
8. Explosions. I like explosions
7. Starfleet tough guy: "There's 4 of us and one of you." Kirk: "Then go call two of your friends and it'll be a fair fight." He slaps him twice on the cheek!
6. Midget aliens that walk around like dumb dogs
5. James Kirk is hanging off cliffs and edges for half of the movie. That's a lot of P90X
4. You can say derogatory things like, "Who is that pointy-ear'd bastard?", or "Green blooded hobgoblin" without actually offending anyone
3. Two Spocks reminds me of Double Impact starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. "There's two of them!"

2. Zoe Saldana is hot

1. JJ Abrams represent!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Raptors report card 2K9

We should be watching the Raptors in the playoffs, but instead I'm blogging about a disappointing season, full of finger pointing, what-ifs, and suggestions for righting this wrong-ass ship. Sigh. Being a Raptors fan is a tough gig.

What if CB4 wasn't injured during that stretch in February? What if he didn't have any baby mama drama? Could he have sustained his numbers from November, when ACC fans were chanting "MVP"?

What if Jose Calderon had a healthy hamstring all season? We saw him eat up opposing point guards during the last 13 games, and few Raptor fans remember that he was doing the same before the injury.

What if Andrea Bargnani blew up at the beginning of the season, instead of the middle? What if Raptor fans and Sam Mitchell had faith and patience?

What if Bryan Colangelo fired Coach Mitchell before training camp?

What if Jermaine O'neal didn't hurt his knee? He scored 24, 23, and 36 points in the 3 games before he got injured. He was warming up! Would people be talking about JO "not fitting" if he was putting up 20 and 10?

What if Joey Graham was more consistent?
What if Jason Kapono was more consistent?
What if ... uhh fuck it I'm not typing all of this out.

What if Jamario Moon was, you know, like he was in 2008? What if we never knew the name "Will Solomon"?

What if we didn't lose heartbreakers to Detroit, Boston, and New Jersey, so early in the season?

So where does Raptor Nation go from here? I'll save that for another post.

Friday, April 10, 2009

All about baby!

Everyone is excited about CathyAl's baby! We've been receiving a lot of love, and we're both very grateful.

Thanks to Lena, who made sure that we were aware of Zeller's moonlight madness, an opportunity to grab baby stuff at bargain prices.

Also, big thanks to SaraDooch, and TeamID's first baby, Cash, for hooking us up with Raptor claw baby bibs!

We're past the halfway point, and looking forward to meeting our son/daughter. Only 15 more weeks to go (or less ... gulp)!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Not-so-Madness?

I got into an argument with my friend Jon the other day. I think he's going to win.

You see, it's March Madness time, and everyone that's cool puts money down on who's going to win the NCAA basketball championship. You go to the website of your choice, like ESPN, pick who's going to win during each round of the tournament, and then you sit in front of the TV watching basketball and waiting for the money to roll in. Easy enough, right?

Well, he tells me that since I don't know a lot about college basketball, I should just select the higher-seeded team at each round. "That's boring, you dumb, stupid, ugly loser!", I tell him. "It's also ineffective ... You could be missing out on big points from crazy upsets." Note that I probably shouldn't be using quotations, because I'm paraphrasing (regardless of the fact that Jon is indeed dumb, stupid, ugly, and a loser).

But hey, he deserves at least the 15 minutes required to determine the credibility of his statements, so I went ahead and tried to find out how many points he would have scored using his grade 3ish technique (I actually took the time in order to further humiliate him, but as you will find out, the joke is on me).

Scoring 10 points for each correct selection during the round of 64, 20 points for the round of 32, 40 points for the sweet sixteen, and 80 points for the elite eight, here's what Jon would have scored with his selections:

Round of 64
Jon: 220 points
Al: 250 points

Ha! I win, bitch!

Round of 32
Jon:280 points
Al: 240 points

Shit ... well, I'm still in it!

Sweet Sixteen
Jon: 240 points
Al: 160 points

Stupid UConn! Or is it stupid Al?

Elite Eight
Jon: 160 points
Al: 80 points

Yikes! Why Memphis, why!? That's the last time I'm ever listening to Justin Timberlake

In total (up to this point):
Jon: 900 points
Al: 730 points

Jon's score is not only enough to smoke my bracket, but actually it would give him the lead over everyone in our group. Of course, there's still the two games in the final four, and the championship game, which would both require you to do something different, since all four teams in your bracket would be seeded #1 ... But ... 900 points without even thinking is a pretty big score.

I'm going to listen to Jon more often from now on. He's wise, which doesn't mean he's smart, it just means that he's really, really, old.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Feed me music

I've said this on many an occasion: I spend a lot of time in my car commuting, and I need lots of new music when I'm driving. Lots!

If you can suggest anything, please leave it in the comments. Here's what I've downloaded lately:

Keri Hilson - In a Perfect World
This album is dope. Granted, if Timbaland produced my album, it would also be pretty dope.

Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless
I'm also digging this album, Jazmine Sullivan has a sexy voice, and a matching crowbar to bust the windows out yo car!

Leona Lewis - Spirit
Solid top to bottom, it's no wonder that this album was nominated for a Grammy. Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III was also nominated, forever tainting the credibility of these awards.

Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted
I don't give a fuck! I love this shit!

Let me know what you're listening to!

Friday, March 27, 2009


If you ask me, this messy cursive script seems to read "criteria". In
fact, whenever my wife goes to shop here, that's what I call it.

Let's buy a T'Nah bag at Criteria!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

So fresh, So clean

Yup yup!!!

Andre Iguodala buzzer beater 3/17/09

Shitty video quality, but that's a nice buzzer beater!


Rough times for Raptor Fan

I can deal with a season that didn't meet expectations. I can deal with watching the Raps go through a losing season ... In fact, I've had to endure many losing seasons.

I know that the Shawn Marion experiment hasn't worked, and that the playoffs aren't in our cards for this season.

But what I can't deal with is lack of effort. These guys have given up, and they're just going through the motions. Raptor fans expect effort, and all of this losing to sub-par teams is bullshit.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Internet Explorer 8

Windows users (aka losers)! Listen up!

I just read over at the Wired News that Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8.

Internet Explorer 6, which still owns approx 20% share of the browser market, is the absolute bane of my existence. Nothing renders properly. Javascript has to be written twice. If I ever meet any of the IE6 developers, I'm going to punch them in the face. When I catch people using IE6, I get verbally abusive with them. My blood is boiling just writing this.

Please, think of me. If you are among the 20% that still use the crappiest browser ever (EVER!!!!), and for some reason you still haven't upgraded to IE7, please head over to http://www.microsoft.com/ie8 and help reduce my blood pressure. IE8 does a much better job with standards compliance, even though it's still not as fast as Google Chrome or Apple Safari, or as good for development as Mozilla Firefox. Now that I think about it ... fuck Internet Explorer! Get a real browser, idiots!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Five-Minute Prison Workout Keeps You Fit in Any Space [Fitness]


Sent to you by atorreno via Google Reader:


via Lifehacker by Adam Pash on 3/16/09

Mike Rowe from Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs demonstrates how to get a great workout in any space by performing several sets of descending repetitions of the classic "burpee."

The burpee is by no means a new exercise routine, but if you're looking for a little variety in your fitness routine or you don't have space for a treadmill or other exercise equipment, burpees are a great option for staying fit. [via Kyle Pott]


Things you can do from here:


Sunday, March 15, 2009

I was at home all day, doing laundry and cooking. Another day that I appreciate all that my wife does. Love ya babes!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Review - Right America: Feeling Wronged

I just finished watching an HBO documentary by Alexandra Pelosi, titled ... uhh, it's up top and I'm too lazy to type it again. Anyways here's a link:


and here are some YouTube videos:

I know that the people she's picked out are the most ignorant, most angry, and the craziest, but she found a lot of them -- and they scare the shit out of me! This misguided fusion of religion and state is a dangerous ideology, one that starts wars and propagates ignorance. Obama is a muslim? Obama is the anti-Christ? Obama's rise to power mirrors Hitler's? Are you kidding me!?

It's unbelievable that you can walk into a state like Mississippi or Alabama and find entire communities that share this view. There were enough of these Fox news watching, bible-thumping, gun-toting maniacs to elect Dubya Bush for a second term. They spend their summers visiting the Creation Museum.

I'm scared.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday evening rambling

What a great weekend! The only thing that could've made it better would be a pair of Raptors wins, but that's about as likely nowadays as Chris saying goodbye before he leaves a TeamID get-together. Oh well...

Anyways, let's break down how this came to be such a great weekend:
- I finally purchased an Airport Extreme Base Station, which will help me with all of my wireless networking needs. I'm currently backing up my computer over the wireless network (that's good!), but since I only have wireless-g, it's going to take somewhere close to 26 hours (that's right, a whole friggin day, and then a bit more) to completely back up my 148GB of data. That's bad. Everything will be incremental after that, so I just gotta stick it out (and hope my HD doesn't crash sometime between now and 2PM tomorrow :s

note: Sorry Rubes, I exchanged the camera you bought for bad santa in order to afford my new Apple gadget. The camera was a good idea, except (a) I'm Canon for life, and (b) my current camera is still going strong.

- My brother hooked me up with the installer for iLife '09, Which has lots of goodies like facial recognition. But I can't install it yet, because my computer is still backing up. Argh!

- The wife and I spent most of Sunday test-driving an Anna Olson recipe for chocolate strawberry trifle. Aw snap! It tastes great, so we gotta pick up a trifle bowl, and prep it again for Rock Band night, coming soon to a CathyAl home near you! While we were in the kitchen, we had the TV tuned to ABC, where we saw 4 heavyweight teams square off in an NBA doubleheader. Roger Mason Jr. are you kidding me?!

- I watched Batman Begins, part of Chris' bad santa gift that my wife scored.

Batman - (Tim Burton + Joel Schumacher) + Christopher Nolan + Michael Caine + home theatre = "Uhh, I'll run my errands later"

- I ate my wife's paz-ghetti. Dee-lish!

- I saw Logan. That by itself makes my whole week.

Tomorrow is my wife's first day back to work after being on leave for two months. Wish her luck!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogging during the Raptors game

And other random junk.

[7:43PM] New Jersey fans suck. Can't even fill up the lower bowl.
[7:44PM] I'm so glad that Jose Calderon is back. Less Will Solomon is good for my health.

I had no idea that there was a snowstorm when I left the house this morning. No gloves, no boots ... What a disaster.

[7:46PM] Holy smak Jamario Moon stoned that guy! And Bargnani finishes on the other end!

Thanks to Jay for hooking me up with Iron Man on Blu-Ray.

[7:58PM] Gatdamn, we're getting smoked early on.

I had American Idol and Lost set up to record at the same time. I'm pretty sure the 8PM Lost is a repeat, but my wife doesn't want me skip the timer. So I had to record the 11PM American Idol, because I can't record 2 shows at the same time and watch the Raptors game. She's beside me right now, checking YouTube for videos of Bargnani and Francisco Garcia tussling on Monday night.

[8:02PM] Bargnani is looking good with his catch and shoot.

The dude from the Wendy's commercial was also in The Dark Knight. David Dastmalchian according to a few Google Searches. He played Thomas Schiff, the dude that worked for the Joker, and Harvey Dent was going to pop in the head.

[8:19PM] Keyon Dooling and Vince Carter are lighting it up from the 3-point line. The Raps will need to play defense at some point if they want to win this one.
[8:23PM] Fuck that! O'neal did not foul Devin Harris.
[8:27PM] O'neal held his own guarding Harris on the perimeter. He didn't foul, and forced a tough shot. We need the rest of these guys to smarten up. AP came back in transistion and stuck the 3-ball. CB4 looks off. A few unforced turnovers. Oh wait, he just stuck a fadeaway jumper. I take it back.
[8:33PM] Chris Bosh ... And 1!
[8:36PM] This was a horrible half of basketball, and we're only down 4. Fingers are crossed.

I'm going to get some Tostitos and salsa.

[8:52PM] Jamario Moon says, "Get that gawbage outta here!"
[8:53PM] Every time we need a score, Parker has delivered. Raps lead! And now Jose just popped a 3-ball!
[8:58PM] Dang, we're down again.
[9:00PM] I always get nervous when Jose Calderon throws an alley-oop pass. It's like he never threw one until he made it to the NBA. Jermaine O'neal is an excellent defensive player.
[9:04PM] Jermaine tried to time his block on Devin Harris, by coming back slowly on D. I don't know if other people notice shit like that, but it makes me laugh. Harris made his layup.
[9:07PM] Vintage Jose Calderon! Dribble hesitation, drive and lay it in!

I hope that Lost is taping right now.

[9:09PM] Who left Dooling open!?
[9:14PM] Are we leading because we've stepped up our D, or because the Nets have cooled off? My money is on the latter.
[9:16PM] I can shot-fake like Jason Kapono, but nobody respects my shot as much as the Nets respect J-Killa
[9:24PM] Kapono plays well when he's not called for travelling.
[9:28PM] Don't trade Jermaine O'neal! What a beast, offensively, and defensively!
[9:29PM] Jose Calderon, pleading his case to veteran ref Joey Crawford: "Joey, Joey, Joey!" Remind you of Raptor Fan's favourite commercial?
[9:32PM] Take care of the basketball AP, please! We can't keep Calderon on the bench too long.
[9:37PM] They just showed a stat with Graham, Kapono, and Moon. These are the players with the most to lose if the Raps trade for Shawn Marion. Gotta produce, homie! Graham especially has looked good on the offensive end. Making VC eat some spalding doesn't hurt either.
[9:42PM] Keyon fucking Dooling! I don't need this drama in my life, for real. Somebody find this guy and get a hand up!
[9:47PM] Good D from CB4, and since we got into the penalty with about 4 minutes left, we're shooting free throws during this crucial stage in the game. AP, you gotta make 'em dawg!
[9:48PM] Finally, one of these Nets misses a 3-pointer.
[9:50PM] Where's the foul!? I've got grey hairs in my goatee! I don't need any more!
[9:55PM] Oh, my fucking god (lower case 'g'). Devin Harris just broke Joey G's ankles, and at that moment, my heart sunk about 1 or 2 inches. The memory of each 1 possession loss flashed before my eyes (including the infamous loss to these very Nets). In my very best filipino accent, "Ay, putang ina!"

We got the W. It wasn't pretty, but we got it. Now I gotta watch Lost Season 5 episode 2. Peace!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuff that's on my mind

I'm trying my best to help out my wife, who's having it rough during her first trimester. Morning sickness is actually all-day sickness for her. And she's always tired. So rubbing her back and getting her orange juice is the least I can do. I love you babes!

I think I've done a great job with house chores, but all of my button-ups feel like they've shrunk. Maybe it's the extra inches around my waist from holiday all-you-can-gorge goodness.

Rock Band 2 drums on expert is friggin hard. It hurts my head so much that I curse at the TV. Speaking of Rock Band, I'm thinking of hosting a Rock Band party. That would be fun. But I'll play drums on hard instead of expert, unless we turn on no-fail mode.

The realtime traffic data on my Garmin 265 sucks for real all the time. I was expecting to be automatically re-routed based on traffic delays. Instead, I'm sitting in traffic and the Garmin tells me there's "no traffic on route". Mothafuckas!

Starting to catch up on the episodes of Californication that we missed, and this show gets a Lil Lex megastamp of approval. If you aren't watching it, I'm begging you ... BEGGING ... to pick up season 1 wherever you obtain digital media (legal or otherwise) and watch it.

Lost season 5 premieres one week from today. Can't wait!

Monday, January 12, 2009

CathyAl: soon-to-be-parents!

We've been keeping a secret for the last 3 months ... Cathy's pregnant! We just got back from her ultrasound appointment, it appears that we counted wrong and we're one week early, so no ultrasound picture yet :(

We're going back next week, I'll put up a picture once I get it. Can't tell you much more now, because I'm at work, but I'll blog more later tonight.

We're both very excited! TeamID baby 2K9!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Starcraft II videos

I really hate that the official Starcraft 2 website doesn't update their RSS feed.


I do love when new videos show up online! Check it out!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Don't visit his website!

I am boycotting Shaun's blog, and I implore you to do the same.


Shaun stopped blogging a while ago, and he'll give you a whole bunch of wack reasons why. The fact is that he stopped. But that's not the reason why I want you to boycott.


Because when he stopped writing, he also stopped reading. No comments on anybody's blog the whole year. Until recently ... When he started writing again. Selfish!

Also, I'm boycotting because he punked my last post.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Review: Paper Trail

I really wanted to hate this album. I find rappers south of the Mason-Dixon line to be monotonous, immature, and they do nothing to move hip-hop forward. Boooooring!

But them southern beats is dirty, dirty, what it do!

Wow. I have no idea where that came from. Anyways, I still downloaded TI's "new" album, Paper Trail (I really should have written this last year), because I spend a lot of time in the car and I need a fresh supply of new music to keep my road rage down to brow curl instead of a fist clench. Best case scenario, I actually like it. Worst case scenario, I can tune out the lyrics, and nod my head to the production of Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, and Just Blaze.

It turns out that I like this album. I really like this album. Shit is off the hizzle, ya dig that!

TI brings the kind of swagger that draws me to rappers like Jay-Z and Nas, and he also has the same comedic touch in his lyrics:

The bullshit I'm addressin check I'm on some next level shit
Never been fucked in the game, I'm celibate

He shows a lot of maturity in his lyrics as well, evidenced in "Dead and Gone", "Ready for Whatever", and "Live your life". TI talks about responsibility, family, and maturity, the kind of stuff that separates him from someone monotonous, like 50 Cent. But really, this is TI we're talking about, so I'm not going to get carried away. When you have lyrics like:

Broads hit they knees eyes closed when they greet me
Mouth wide open, just beggin me to skeet skeet

...then you haven't completely matured.

My favourite track is the club-banger Swing Ya Rag, produced by Swizz Beatz, which I've turned into a ringtone for my iPhone. It makes me want to jump around and push people, and then punch someone in the face!

You got guest appearances from Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Ludacris. You got Justin Timberlake singing hooks. But really, you've got my endorsement, and that's all you really needed. Hopefully you've already checked out this album, but if not, then you get nothing but my head-shaking disapproval.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Advanced nerd 101

I had one of those "I love technology" moments this morning.

I'm chatting with my friend Jay, and he wants to meet up for lunch at a Caribbean joint named Calabash. Instinctively, I run a search on Google Maps, and quickly find the spot. Then I notice a hyperlink in the information bubble that says "Send". Do you know what it does? It allows you to send the location you've found on the map to either your phone, your email, or even your GPS.

GPS? I just got a Garmin Nuvi 265WT on boxing day! Alright, let's try this out. All I need to do is install a plugin from Garmin, connect my GPS to my Mac via USB, and click this Send thingy on Google Maps, and ... presto! The Carribean restaurant is now a favourite on my GPS.

Damn, blogging about this is making me hungry. Now I just need a Send link for food to go directly into my stomach.