Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year in review

- TeamID plays Rock Band to usher in the new year
- Cash and SaraDooch come by to visit

- My wife loses her wedding rings in the snow. It takes us an hour to find them.
- CathyAl moves into the rental townhome, and waits for construction to finish on their new home.
- I get 2nd place in a 30-player poker tournament. Woohoo!

- CathyAl make their colour selections for the new home

- Logan Torreno is born! CathyAl skip work to stay at the hospital.

- TeamID watches Iron Man
- Raps get bumped out of the playoffs
- Lost season finale! Lost fanboys need to wait until Jan 2009 for season 5!? WTF?!
- My Grandmother turns 85 years old. Grandchildren+spouses and great-grandchildren are pictured (and this ain't all of them neither!)

- TeamID has their annual barbecue for May 2-4. It's flippin cold, and Shaun decides to cry the entire afternoon.

- Construction continues on CathyAl's new home.

- Cathy has a "Cake Party" for her birthday. People get sick and grouchy after gourging on sugar all afternoon.

- Al takes time off work to ... play Metal Gear Solid 4
- Judy organizes a surprise birthday party for Jay. Retro-themed clothing and Transformers are involved. Oh yeah, and Excitebike. Good time ensue

- Logan laughs!

- Logan gets baptised
- TeamID goes to Cedar Point. The park is so friggin busy that we only get to go on 5 rides. 3 of them were so sick that they were each the greatest roller coaster ever -- until I rode the next one.

- CathyAl celebrate their 5-year anniversary. Head to Grove City on a discount shopping trip to celebrate
- Chris Rock HBO special comes out. Hilarity ensues.
- We head up to Sudbury to visit Cash and SaraDooch. Chris goes hunting for cougars. Al can't do one chin-up.

- Construction is almost finished!

- TeamID invades Washington DC. Shaun gets a speeding ticket, and blames it on Street Fighter II.

- New house closes! Moving day is a just a few weeks away!
- Al wins 3rd place in his company halloween party competition. Logan dresses as Batman. "Why so serious?"

- Cathy tries on Joy's halloween costume.

- CathyAl move into their new home! Exciting times!

- CathyAl put up their first ever Christmas tree! The wife buys an expensive shitload of decorations :(

- Al turns 30. Friends come and see the new house. Manny Pacquiao demolishes another Mexican boxer. Some golden kid or something.

What an amazing year! Let's do it bigger in 2009!

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Lena! said...

Happy New Year CathyAl!