Sunday, December 28, 2008


This review, appropriately enough, is being typed out from my iPhone.
The short review: It rocks!!! Let me give you the lowdown:

The good stuff:
Mobile Internet: I can check email, catch up on my RSS feeds, check
out Face-bizzook, and surf the interweb from a device that fits in my
pocket. Safari on the iPhone has a real rendering engine, which means
sites look the same as they do on my laptop. F that Blackberry

Music and phone integration: I can listen to Ashanti's new album with
my earbuds, or connect to my aux input in the Civic, and crank that
shit as loud as I want, because if a call comes in, the music
automatically fades out and I can take the call. After I'm done
telling whoever is on the line that I'm trying to get my Ashanti on, I
can hang up and the music fades back in. Aw snap!!!

Maps and GPS: Whenever I find myself in a strange place (like
Scarborough), I can find the closest Tim Hortons thanks to Google
Maps, built-in GPS, and (free) third party app Timmy me. Welcome to
the future, bitches!!!!

Games: The iPhone is not like the crappy Nokia N-Gage ("what's the
N-Gage?" ... exactly). The iPhone has graphics hardware that's
stronger than both the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, it has the touch
screen interface at its disposal, and a healthy community of
developers. A lot of the games are free too, a price that I can work

The bad stuff:
The iPhone takes a step back in a lot of areas, which is extremely
lame. I cannot wirelessly stream music over bluetooth. I can't voice
dial from my bluetooth earpiece. The only iPod controls use the touch
screen, which means that if I'm driving I can't easily skip songs.
I've got GPS built-in, but there are no voice turn-by-turn directions,
or re-routing. Applications crash a lot.

So it could be better, but it could be worse: I could have your phone
instead of having my iPhone ;) For real, y'all should pick one of
these up. Apple Fanboy recommended.

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