Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year in review

- TeamID plays Rock Band to usher in the new year
- Cash and SaraDooch come by to visit

- My wife loses her wedding rings in the snow. It takes us an hour to find them.
- CathyAl moves into the rental townhome, and waits for construction to finish on their new home.
- I get 2nd place in a 30-player poker tournament. Woohoo!

- CathyAl make their colour selections for the new home

- Logan Torreno is born! CathyAl skip work to stay at the hospital.

- TeamID watches Iron Man
- Raps get bumped out of the playoffs
- Lost season finale! Lost fanboys need to wait until Jan 2009 for season 5!? WTF?!
- My Grandmother turns 85 years old. Grandchildren+spouses and great-grandchildren are pictured (and this ain't all of them neither!)

- TeamID has their annual barbecue for May 2-4. It's flippin cold, and Shaun decides to cry the entire afternoon.

- Construction continues on CathyAl's new home.

- Cathy has a "Cake Party" for her birthday. People get sick and grouchy after gourging on sugar all afternoon.

- Al takes time off work to ... play Metal Gear Solid 4
- Judy organizes a surprise birthday party for Jay. Retro-themed clothing and Transformers are involved. Oh yeah, and Excitebike. Good time ensue

- Logan laughs!

- Logan gets baptised
- TeamID goes to Cedar Point. The park is so friggin busy that we only get to go on 5 rides. 3 of them were so sick that they were each the greatest roller coaster ever -- until I rode the next one.

- CathyAl celebrate their 5-year anniversary. Head to Grove City on a discount shopping trip to celebrate
- Chris Rock HBO special comes out. Hilarity ensues.
- We head up to Sudbury to visit Cash and SaraDooch. Chris goes hunting for cougars. Al can't do one chin-up.

- Construction is almost finished!

- TeamID invades Washington DC. Shaun gets a speeding ticket, and blames it on Street Fighter II.

- New house closes! Moving day is a just a few weeks away!
- Al wins 3rd place in his company halloween party competition. Logan dresses as Batman. "Why so serious?"

- Cathy tries on Joy's halloween costume.

- CathyAl move into their new home! Exciting times!

- CathyAl put up their first ever Christmas tree! The wife buys an expensive shitload of decorations :(

- Al turns 30. Friends come and see the new house. Manny Pacquiao demolishes another Mexican boxer. Some golden kid or something.

What an amazing year! Let's do it bigger in 2009!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


This review, appropriately enough, is being typed out from my iPhone.
The short review: It rocks!!! Let me give you the lowdown:

The good stuff:
Mobile Internet: I can check email, catch up on my RSS feeds, check
out Face-bizzook, and surf the interweb from a device that fits in my
pocket. Safari on the iPhone has a real rendering engine, which means
sites look the same as they do on my laptop. F that Blackberry

Music and phone integration: I can listen to Ashanti's new album with
my earbuds, or connect to my aux input in the Civic, and crank that
shit as loud as I want, because if a call comes in, the music
automatically fades out and I can take the call. After I'm done
telling whoever is on the line that I'm trying to get my Ashanti on, I
can hang up and the music fades back in. Aw snap!!!

Maps and GPS: Whenever I find myself in a strange place (like
Scarborough), I can find the closest Tim Hortons thanks to Google
Maps, built-in GPS, and (free) third party app Timmy me. Welcome to
the future, bitches!!!!

Games: The iPhone is not like the crappy Nokia N-Gage ("what's the
N-Gage?" ... exactly). The iPhone has graphics hardware that's
stronger than both the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, it has the touch
screen interface at its disposal, and a healthy community of
developers. A lot of the games are free too, a price that I can work

The bad stuff:
The iPhone takes a step back in a lot of areas, which is extremely
lame. I cannot wirelessly stream music over bluetooth. I can't voice
dial from my bluetooth earpiece. The only iPod controls use the touch
screen, which means that if I'm driving I can't easily skip songs.
I've got GPS built-in, but there are no voice turn-by-turn directions,
or re-routing. Applications crash a lot.

So it could be better, but it could be worse: I could have your phone
instead of having my iPhone ;) For real, y'all should pick one of
these up. Apple Fanboy recommended.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's nuts up in here!

My strategy for parking at Square One: find the worst spot and just
walk, because I'd be the only one willing to park there. Wait time
would be zero minutes! Walking is a cinch when you have a tuque.

It turns out that such a spot does not exist this time of year.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thanks for the birthday goodness!

Thanks to everyone that came out for ChrisAl's 30th birthday celebration. The wife and I were very happy to host the first of many friends gatherings at our new home in Milton. We were dying to show off the new digs, and once we complete a few of the many projects we have planned, y'all need to come back and check it out again.

Thanks to my wonderful wife for organizing this party. She's the best! Thanks to SaraDooch for making it all the way from Sudbury for ChrisAl festivities. Thanks to Michelle and Mike, Joy and Jay for picking up the food. Thanks to Chin for hooking us up with some extra chairs, as well as some Rock Band 2 action. Thanks to everyone that helped clean up at the end of the night. I appreciate all of it.

I couldn't have asked for a better night:
- Friends hanging out in the family room and kitchen, just as we had planned when we saw the floorplan at the sales office 2 years ago!
- Manny Pacquiao demolishes Oscar de la Hoya! Filipinos rejoice! Larry Merchant interviewing Pacquiao was like an SNL skit.
- Got to play Linkin Park's "One Step Closer" on the drums. Rock band 2 rocks! "Shut up when I'm talking to you!!!!"
- Spending time with baby Logan and baby Cash. Babies rock.
- Delicious shawarma and chicken wings, two of my favourite foods.
- No leftovers from my baked goods. I slaved in the kitchen for them shits, son!
- pocket aces, pocket kings, and A-J in my first 10 hands player poker. Oh snap!
- Made it heads up against Jay. Lost. Hmmm, maybe I could have asked for more (but then that would be selfish).
- Got to play with Airport Express, Airtunes, and the application "Remote" on my iPhone. Apple fanboy strikes again!

Let's do this again sometime soon :)