Saturday, November 15, 2008

WTF signs

I was collecting funny signs on my Motorola KRZR before switching to my iPhone. Enjoy.

It's not just any type of fence!

Gatdamn, so many rules!

I found this funny, because it seems like such a random and incomplete collection of rules. What about fighting? Don't you want a sign letting people know that fighting isn't appropriate on school grounds? Perhaps it's frowned upon, but not "strictly prohibited". Golf practice, on the other hand...

Look at this guy! His arms and legs are flailing, and he's about to get owned by the floor ... It's rough times, man.

Very professional signage.


This Indian grocery store likes to play Birdman and Lil Wayne when they get home. "Cash Money is like the Army, better yet the Navy"!!!

What if my hands or face are really dirty? The water is good enough to drink, let me rub some on my face!


Rubex Cube said...

Brilliant hehe

Lena! said...

Hilarious!!! I especially love the Cash Money one...