Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why ... So ... Serious?

It's 11:30, and I should be sleeping, but on Thursdays I help Chris coach a youth basketball team. It runs pretty late, but after running around and yelling for a few hours, I'm a bit too wired to go to bed. So instead, I'm going to start blogging.

This post is a few weeks late, and anyone that has my on Facebook has already seen it, but for Halloween I dressed up as The Joker. It was the first time that I really got into the Halloween spirit, and put some effort into a costume. I still remember going out when I was in grade 10 (which, by the way, is way too old for someone to be trick-or-treating), and not putting in any effort. I probably still had my school uniform on, a coat, and a garbage bag. Gimme gimme gimme!

This time around, I wasn't out for candy, but for prizes at my company's first annual Hallow-bowling night. The effort paid off, cuz I grabbed third place! My wife is now the proud owner of a $100 gift card to some schwanky-lank downtown spa. Congratulations yo!

A few days later, I put on the costume again to hang out with my nephew Logan, who was dressed up as Batman. Hilarity ensued. Here are some pics ... Enjoy!

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Rubex Cube said...

So impressed al at the effort that you took for your costume! I can see that Batman has a love hate relationship with you hehe