Monday, November 10, 2008

All moved in!

For my cousin's son, Keagan, seen here sleeping on my kitchen island, CathyAl's big move wasn't a big deal. But to us, it was huge! I'm upstairs in the master bedroom writing this, and it smells like new carpet up in here.

Boxes and smaller / easier / less back-breakage furniture was transported via TeamID and friends. Thanks to everyone that came out! For those that didn't, y'all missed out on Thai Express and Shawarma from Osmow's. You also missed out on my multiple cranky meltdowns.

I found it funny that Chris and Jon, the two navigation retards, drove together to the new house. I provided a well drawn-out map using Google Maps, and also provided turn-by-turn directions in my email communications. But if you're not smart enough to read it, well, you end up getting lost. Twice .

The professional movers took over the next day. I asked one of the movers if they could move my mother-in-law's piano to the basement, and he sorta half-shook his head and then walked away. Oh punk!

I'll get some pictures up soon, I promise*. And I'll also set up a date when CathyAl can invite y'all over to take a look at the new digs!

*Not a promise

1 comment:

Rubex Cube said...

So sad that two grown men cannot follow instructions tee hee!

Great place guys....can't wait to see the *promised pics*