Saturday, October 18, 2008

Can't wait to move!

It's just 11 days until our closing date, and I'm friggin amped! The place is really starting to take shape, and now that it's starting to look like a home instead of a construction site, my level of patience is starting to diminish. Lemme in!

All of the upgrades that we selected in the spring are being delivered and installed. We saw the tiles a month ago, and the kitchen cabinets a week ago. We have yet to see our biggest purchases, the kitchen countertop and the hardwood floors, so you know CathyAl is making one more visit next week.

When we went to visit today, they locked all the doors (oh punk), so we were limited to peering through the first floor windows. We saw stain on the stairs (yay!), plus a toilet and sink in the powder room (yay!). One of the basement windows hasn't been installed yet, and I was thinking of slithering in, but it would really suck if I wrecked the insulation before we moved in. I also might have twisted my ankle, which was suprisingly less of a concern.

We've started purchasing stuff for our home, and ordering services (LCD TV + HDTV? Oh my!). Our move comes in time for Raptors basketball, which is great because I don't think I can stand anymore of this standard definition bullshit.

How many more days until we move again? Gatdamn!


chinwhat said...

"amped"???? wtf?

Rubex Cube said...

wicked can't wait for you kids to move...keep the guys away from labeling the boxes hahah

Did you take pics like you did for your condo to make a flip book?