Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stand-up comedy goodness

Shaun was the first to introduce me with the idea of listening to stand-up comedy during a long road trip. It passes the time much quicker than music, keeps you from starting fights in the car, prevents itis, and it reduces road rage (which happens very easily with the number of crappy drivers on the road).

I brought along a number of acts, and when we hit the hotel in Erie PA, I downloaded a few more. Here's a quick review:

Rex Naverette: Bastos
Don't recommend it. He wrote one good bit, "Tito Boy", which he saved till the end, and then padded it with more filler than a Shaun S story.

Margaret Cho: Assassin
Very funny. She's so angry! I especially like her attacks on the US government, and the misguided nature of right-wing religious types.

Dane Cook: Viscous Circle
Grade A punkage! This shit is so flippin hilarious that we'll probably give it one more play before we head home. If you haven't listened to this yet, I highly recommend it.

Stephen Wright: I Still Have a Pony
We're only halfway through this one, but what we've listened to so far is alright. He has a monotonous, non-flowing, one-joke-at-a-tiime (is there a special term for that?) style of comedy, but the kids on the interweb seem to like it because the torrent had a lot seeds.

Brian Regan: Comedy Central Presents
haven't listened to it yet.

So Al, why the fuck did you put a picture of Chris Rock on this blog post? Lemme tell you why. I was flipping channels last night, and came across his latest act, "Kill the Messenger". This had my wife and I laughing so hard we probably woke up the other guests. He covers the typical stuff (the difference between men and women, US politics, racism) and does it it typical Chris Rock fashion. Highly recommended.

Well, that's it. We're going to eat at IHOP now. Delicious!


Rubex Cube said...

wicked thanks for the run down of what to get and not! Where did you find I'm a dork hehe

how was your trip...did you overspend again or what? Funny thing I've never been to a iHop!

Lil Lex said...

some of them I bought on the iTunes music store, some of them I downloaded from a bit torrent site. We were lucky enough to catch Chris Rock on HBO in the hotel room.

The trip was great. Nice to get away for a bit.