Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cedar Mothafuckin Point!

Dear Team ID members that didn't make it to Sandusky, Ohio:

Y'all missed out. For real. Cedar point kicked butt. I will never, ever, ever go to Canada's Wonderland again. Those rides wouldn't thrill me anymore. Let's break it down:

Top Thrill Dragster:

From a stationary position, you accelerate to 120mph, where you climb up 420 feet at a 90 degree angle. Then gravity takes you back down.

The worst part: This was our first ride! We went on Magnum XL afterwards and it felt like Ghoster Coaster.

Millennium Force

Named the "greatest ride ever" by Team ID, but only for 2.5 hours. The drop on this ride is absolutely sick. When we were in line, people coming off the ride were applauding like they just watched game 7 of the NBA finals. After we got off the ride, we sorta did the exact same thing.


After Millennium Force, I didn't think that coaster could have been topped. It was late, I was tired, I wanted to go back to the hotel. But we had one more ride to go, and guarantees from a.i. and Shaun that it was going to be worth it. We waited in line for over 2 hours, and after the ride was done, we understood why the lineup was so friggin long.

Best ride ever! OMFG! The grand flippin finale! Hope to see y'all in Sandusky sometime soon!