Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Random Blog-age

Today, I'm at the Queensway Car Wash, and Ruby is getting a wash, wax, her tires and rims cleaned, and her interior vinyl treated. There's no wi-fi here (which is ghetto).

Firefox 3 or Safari 3? They're both smoking fast! I'm undecided still, but I'm happy that it's forcing Microsoft to make Internet Explorer more standards compliant. IE8 should be out within the next year, which hopefully means IE6 (aka the worst browser ever) will finally die the death all front-end web developers have been praying for.

I'm sad to hear that Jorge Garbajosa won't be a Raptor next season. He was sorely missed this past season, evidenced by our complete lack of commitment to defense. How many games did we lose because we allowed so many offensive rebounds? Or because of big men that bullied us around? Finding someone to replace him will be difficult, but it's a necessary piece to any team's success in the playoffs.

I had problems sleeping the night of Lakers-Celtics game 6. Why couldn't I have problems sleeping during game 4? Game 6 was absolutely horrid.

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