Thursday, April 03, 2008

Raptors 120, Hawks 127

Embarrassingly, I fell asleep around the 7 minute mark in the fourth quarter. I didn't wake up until there was about a minute in overtime. I was so fucking confused: Why are we in OT? Shouldn't we have won by now? Then I saw Josh Smith hit a crazy-ass 3 ball. Then I saw a replay of TJ Ford's layup. Then I saw TJ Ford's lax D when Bibby hit the game tying shot.

What. The fuck. Is going on!!!!

If I saw all of this live, I would have likely destroyed half of my house. And poked myself in the eye. What a disaster!

Sure, the Hawks are hot, and the Bibby trade is paying big dividends for this rag-tag group of youngn's. But you don't give up a double digit lead when you're the Raps. And you don't give up all of these open 3-balls to a team that has Mike Bibby and Joe Johnson. Come on guys, give us something! We're dying here!

As for the Craplanta scorekeepers, if I find out where y'all live, I'm going to eat a whole bunch of eggs, and then take a crap on your front porch. This is fucking bullshit!

Lastly, Kudos to Rasho Nesterovic and Andrea Bargnani for their terrific offensive outputs. Offense has never been our problem. But our defense ... c'mon Raps, please, play some fucking D!

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Shaun said...

Hopefully you fall asleep while picking your teams for next week.

I need that money!!!