Friday, March 21, 2008

Raptors 96, Heat 54

This game was just what the doctor ordered. A game where the Raps could feel good about themselves again, a game for the returning Chris Bosh to ease his way back into game shape, and a game for a masked Italian superhero Andrea Bargnani to explode to the rim.
  • OMG the Heat are horrible! Its a good thing you're also president, Pat Riley, or someone would have fired your ass by now! In fact, you should consider firing yourself from head coaching, and concentrate on rebuilding your team.
  • One of the Raptors commentators said that Dwayne Wade might be the next Anfernee Hardaway: An amazing player whose career will be cut short by injury. What are your thoughts? 2007-2008 has not been kind to him, but I'm hopeful if he takes time to mend, he'll be back at full force next season.
  • Shawn Marion, you wanted to leave the Suns for this!?
  • Carlos Delfino's minutes are being stolen by Jason Kapono.
  • Jamario is taking it to the basket again!
So now that our exhibition contest is out of the way, we now need to face a real team. In fact, it could very well be the team we face in the playoffs. Bron-bron and the trade-deadline revamped Cavs. Can we beat them? Raptor fan always has faith ... Let's Go Raps!

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chinwhat said...

Swirsk called Salami & Cheese in the second quarter!

And he and Leo were jizzing over Moon's put back dunk for the entire first quarter. pretty funny...