Thursday, March 27, 2008

Raptors 89, Pistons 82

I only wear my Raptors t-shirts after a win, and never on game night (Filipino superstition getting the best of me, I guess). After the Rap's last string of losses, my shirts were starting to grow moss, and stink like someone's nasty feet the last time we hung out at Shaun's.

Anyways, I wore my Raptor's claw t-shirt with a lot of pride today. That's right, we won! Maybe we want to stay at the 7 seed and see if we can beat the Pistons 4 more times? Now, that's crazy talk if I ever heard it. Who writes this shit anyways?
  • Practice time is over, Bargnani. Your development will need to wait another year, we've got a playoff seed to secure.
  • Chauncey Billups is an absolute, disgusting monster. How do you hit clutch 3-balls? you call Mr. Big Shot's number, that's how
  • Jamario Moon!
  • Can we afford to re-sign Jose Calderon? Can we afford not to?
  • It seems like a waste, not giving Jason Kapono PT. It's more of a waste that we don't run plays for him.

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chinwhat said...

rasho looks like Frankenstein's monster