Friday, March 07, 2008

Raptors 106, Wizards 110

Watching the Raptors without Chris Bosh is like eating soup with a fork: You're excited, it's so close you can smell it, but in the end, it's very frustrating, and you end up stabbing someone in the eye with your fork. Uhh, that last part thankfully didn't happen ... to me. But it might as well have, cuz I feel more upset right now then if someone had actually used a fork on my pupils (please don't try to test this theory, children).

Please CB4, this group of 3-ball jackers and poor defensive rebounders need you! Look at them!
  • A wasted effort from Andrea Bargnani, who looked good for 3.5 quarters. Unfortunately, we need him to start nailing the clutch 3s at the end of the game, and he's not mentally tough enough to drain them yet.
  • TJ Ford, have you gone loco? What kind of point guard have you become? Find your teammates, and get them the rock!
  • What happened to JK? No burn tonight?

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