Thursday, March 13, 2008

Raptors 106, Warriors 117

I'm so brain dead right now, I wasn't sure if I blogged about the Raps-Warriors yet. You see, I decided to stay up and watch the game. I had a coffee late before the game, and took a nap at halftime.

With a few minutes left before the half, the Raps were slowly battling back from a horrible first quarter output. I promised myself I would go to bed if the Raps were down more than 10. At the buzzer, Toronto was down ... exactly ten points.

So I stayed up, and man did I pay the price today. People were asking me questions at work while I was dozing off in front of my computer. How embarrassing.

It would have all been worth it too, except for the "watching my team run out of gas with 5 minutes to go" part. Oh man, what a tease! We had a one point lead, what a comeback! Then, I blinked my eyes once, and we were down 6. I blinked one more time, and we were down 12. What the fuck!

Watching the Warriors perform made me realize just how far the Raptors need to go in order to become a legit playoff contender. Inconsistent output from players like Delfino and Kapono costs us games. Bargnani's slow learning curve costs us games. TJ's selfishness (I thought he was a pass-first point guard?) costs us games.

Most of all, it costs me sleep. And that shit is expensive! Smarten up Raps!

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