Saturday, March 29, 2008

Raptors 103, Knicks 95

It appears that my blog has turned into Raptor recap central. I haven't had a chance to blog about anything else (despite having a lot of things to blog about).

Does my laptop running off my battery break the rules of Earth Hour? Bah, let's recap the game:
  • Back-to-back wins in as long as I can remember means two things: one, I'm out of clean Raptor t-shirts, and two, the Raps are starting to click. Just in time too, the playoffs start in just a few weeks!
  • AP has been solid, like a rock. Or like The Rock. Can you smell what he's cookin'? When I grow up, I'd like to move to 18 Parkerville Court.
  • Andrea Bargnani wants his minutes back, and he's going to take it to the basket to prove it! Good show, Andrea, but Rasho is still my pick going into the final stretch.
  • TJ Ford's fadeaway jumper wasn't dropping when he first came back. Against the Knicks, it seemed to be falling all of the time.
  • Oh Jared Jeffries, my condolences to your ankles. TJ Ford broke em like twigs!
  • Listening to Isiah Thomas bashing never gets old to me. Pay me 20+ million to fuck up a franchise! I can do that.
  • What the fuck is that thing on Jamal Crawford's shoulder? What the hell kind of cut takes this long to heal? Is it a fashion statement, like Nelly's band-aid on his eye?

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