Sunday, March 23, 2008

Raptors 100, Nuggets 109

The Raptors again fall to a team late in the fourth quarter. Key turnovers and poor shot selection from Jamario Moon are to blame. Ball-hogging from TJ Ford are also to blame. Finally, coach Mitchell's decision to not foul and extend the game are to blame.

You can't blame CB4, he's been stellar since coming back from injury. You also can't blame Anthony Parker, he's been a stud ever since the all-star break.

Unlike the hit television series Lost, Raptors basketball has the same plot every episode. It always ends with heartache.

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chinwhat said...

too many turnovers as well. i don't know what's wrong w/bosh, but it seems like the ball always gets slapped away from him when he has the rock. i guess he shows it too much...