Thursday, February 21, 2008

Raptors 127, Magic 110

I am pissed. Not because my friend Chin was at the ACC, and probably had a great time watching the Raps run circles around the Magic. Not because I missed the first half (wait, I was pissed I missed the first half ... uhh, try to skip this sentence when you read my blog).

No, I was pissed because I went to watch Raps - Magic with my cousins from the Philippines, back in November, and the Raps lost. Why Raps?! Why will you not win for me when I'm at the ACC?

Oh yeah, the Raptors won. Fine, I'm happy. Yay.
  • Dwight Howard was born a man
  • Gilbert Arenas, are you telling me that Jose Calderon's 19 points, 13 assists on 8 of 10 shooting is not dominating? You're telling me that Joe Johnson is a more worthy all-star? Get the fuck out of here.
  • Cee-Bee-Fizzour
  • Andrea Bargnani missed a dunk that would have looked so sick. I like that his aggression from the Rookie/Sophmore game has rubbed off .... but ... 1 of 8 ... yikes.
Finally, my lobbying has worked! I wrote letters to the Swirsk, to Doug Smith, and even to Brian Colangelo. I stalked coach Mitchell by his car after practice. I picketed outside of the ACC. and now...

Juan Dixon is no longer a Raptor! That's what you get for sucking so much! Get out of here!

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chinwhat said...

oh, i had a great time! we were even on the jumbotron! "Hey look, its us!" >does funny face and waves<

the crowd gave wicked props to JK!