Monday, February 25, 2008

Raptors 115, Knicks 92

Revenge is a dish best served cold. But I'll take it lukewarm as well. With the Raps embarrassing themselves in New York on Friday, they did what they had to do at home and smoked the Knicks on Sunday.

  • When Andrea Bargnani looks good, he looks good. His shot was on, he was mixing it up inside, his passing was crisp. Please keep it up!
  • Primoz Brezec's debut was impressive to say the least. You can't complain when you go perfect from the field!
  • Does Zach Randolph look like Theo Huxtable, or Eddie Winslow?
  • I feel sorry for Malik Rose
  • I don't feel sorry for Isiah Thomas
At the time of writing, the Raps just beat the Pacers. But I'm too lazy to blog about that game right now. so y'all have to wait (all 4 of you!)


chinwhat said...

you know what?


Lil Lex said...

first of all, it's family matters, second of all, you're missing out.