Saturday, February 02, 2008

Raptors 101, Lakers 121

Two words: Kobe Bryant. What a fucking monster. He broke down the defense time and time again. Delfino couldn't guard him. Parker couldn't guard him. He dunked on us, he had and ones on us, hit ridiculous 3 balls on us (the one to end the first half comes to mind ... are you kidding me?).

Oh yeah, and Jordan Farmar and Derek Fisher were waiting whenever the Raps doubled on Kobe. 3 Ball. 3 Ball. 3 Ball. A huge run in the fourth quarter deflated our multiple runs pecking away at the lead. Raptors lose, but at least the fans get free pizza. Except I fucking hate Pizza Pizza.

I am now 1-3 when watching at the ACC. Fuck. Forget it, I ain't going back there.

Bargnani continues to improve. He led the team in scoring last night, and more importantly, he mixed up his game. He even posterized a few Lakers, which surprised and delighted me.

He shot with confidence, but late in the fourth he missed two straight shots, and then quickly reverted to tentative Andrea. Baby steps, I guess ... let's just be happy that he dropped 28 on 50% shooting.

The one positive: I bought a new Raptors flag! I couldn't use it at the ACC, cuz we were in the standing room only section, and nobody would have seen me waving it. But watch out for the flag when we face the Heat on Monday! Hopefully I won't knock over too much shit, and scratch (TeamID member X)'s walls when I wave my flag around in his house!

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