Saturday, January 12, 2008

Raptors 99, Knicks 90

Holy crap, NY fans hate Isiah Thomas. And they aren't too fond of their Knicks either. Why couldn't Zeke see this coming? You're going to put together the league's biggest ball hogs, and expect them to pass the ball?

Anyways, I don't care if you want to build a crappy team, I only care about the Raps taking care of business. We've been on a slide lately, and winning games against the Sixers and the Knicks were important.
  • CB4, who's going to guard you? Eddy Curry? Zach Randolph? Jared Jeffries? Gimme a break!
  • Andrea Bargnani, please, please, please show an ounce of consistency!
  • This is one of the first times I've seen the Raps win without more than 20 assists. I guess when you let Bosh operate, you don't get the assist :(
  • No PT for Juan Dixon!
  • The Knicks suck. Period.
Next up are the Blazers, and I want revenge! Spite, spite, spite!

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chinwhat said...

shaun thinks he can beat us all up? "give me a break"