Sunday, January 20, 2008

Raptors 95, Sixers 99

I apologize to all Raptor fans for my comments on my last post. Looking past the Sixers was wrong.

No wait, fuck that. Juan Dixon got 23 minutes? No wonder we fucking lost!

Also, a memo to Andrea Bargnani: You are seven feet tall! Rebound the gatdamn basketball!

I shall return to sacrificing virgin towel girls and Irish Spring Raptors Dance Pak girls for the basketball gods, in hopes that it will please them to give us the edge against Boston on Wednesday night.


chinwhat said...

'truest raptor fan' my ass! and you punk other people for not watching games! ray chow is ashamed of you...

Lil Lex said...

the first game I miss the entire season, and they come out of the woodwork to jump all over me!