Sunday, January 06, 2008

Raptors 90, Cavs 93

Much love to Mike and Charlene for hooking us up with kick-ass tickets to watch Raps-Cavs. We went in through a separate entrance: "Air Canada Club" ... No more sitting with the lay-people! We even had our own washrooms! and in-seat service too (the lady taking our orders was kinda hot). I was like Leo DiCaprio at the front of the Titanic ... "I'm the king of the world!"

And then the ship sank.

The tale of two teams starts here:
  • Jamario's dunk was absolutely sick! Add in a couple of nasty blocks for good measure, and Raptor fan has a lot to cheer about.
  • How about 35% shooting for the Cavs in the first half? They couldn't punch Mick Jagger in the face (even with his mouth wide open).
  • LeBron missed a dunk! Two of them!
  • AP was absolutely brilliant (say it with a British accent, it sounds great).
  • Rasho got some burn! Wicked!
And the tale ends here:
  • Juan Dixon: 6 minutes, 0-3 from the field. Pathetic. I knew we were at a risk for an L as soon as he stepped on the court.
  • Delfino, Humpries, Kapono -- Remeber what I said my last post? Today, they were a combined 1-9. Jeez!
  • LeBron James scored 24 points in the fourth quarter. The Raptors scored 20. It was both amazing and disgusting to watch him perform. He gets to the basket with so much ease, and has so much body control around the hoop. One play in particular I remember: CB4 stepped in to take the charge, and just when I thought Bron-Bron was going to run Bosh over, he switched directions and scored. Shyte!
  • The refs blew more calls than I can count. Jamario's "goaltending", Rasho's "chicken wing" (why you teach him that, Chin?), No fouls whenever Bosh took it to the basket ... frig.
This game was hard to watch. It was harder to write about. But it could get worse: We could lose to Philly and NY ... cough, cough ... Please Raps! Show me that my faith in you has not been forsaken!


chinwhat said...

it wasn't a real chicken wing that rasho did. he kinda used his hand and forearm too. see, the *proper* way to do it is to just use your elbow. i'll demonstrate (again) on you guys next time.

chinwhat said...

and when i was watching, i was thinking "yes, LeRobot is crapping out"... and then the fourth quarter hit... and i'm all "shit! shaun's going to have a great vgm score"

Rubex Cube said...