Saturday, January 19, 2008

Raptors 89, Hawks 78

I was the only one last night cheering for the Raps because I am a Raptors fan. These other yahoos had players on their fantasy teams. Despicable.
  • Chris Bosh is blowing up in January. My favourite stat from last night's performance: 14 free throw attempts. What a beast!
  • AP has found his offensive rhythm from last year.
  • Anthony Johnson is straight thuggish, and extremely petty ... not a good combination indeed. You suck!
  • If you're not careful when you drive to the basket, you might have Jamario Moon introduce your face to Spalding.
  • Carlos Delfino gets the award for fastest hero to zero: 0-7 from the floor, and he missed his free throws!
I am totally looking past the Sixers tonight ... This Wednesday is our last chance to beat the Celtics! C'mon, they're old and tired, let's get 'em!

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