Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Raptors 104, Wizards 108

Somebody ... please ... rebound the basketball! It's very simple, really. When the shot goes up, you don't stare at the ball. You find a player on the opposing team, and you bump him. Ensure, he has no forward momentum. Then, if the shot doesn't go in the basket, you jump for it. You chase it. You secure it.

AP's game-tying 3-ball, Chris Bosh's monster effort, the return of Kris Humphries on the offensive end, Jose Calderon's maestro skills ... All gone to waste.

Rebound, dammit!

We left to pick up dinner just before halftime. The Raps were up 4. We come back in the third, and the Raps were down 10! WTF?

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