Thursday, January 31, 2008

Help me end the writer's strike

... Because I just watched the season premiere of Lost, and it rocked! I can't imagine waiting a whole week to see the next episode, let alone the 8 episodes that haven't been filmed yet due to the writer's strike.

Please help me! Let's get out there and help with the negotiation process. Show them they need to think about the people ... The people need you. Your writing is the sweet, sweet drug, and I need more of it. I'm getting the shakes as I write this. I need answers, dammit! You can't do this to me!


Rubex Cube said...

that show is annoying haha

I watched the you tube video Lost in 8 minutes and I'm still not hooked!

Shaun said...

Ruby, go watch your 12 days of Christmas (indian style) video that you reposted!!!

LOST OWNS!!!!!!!!!

Lil Lex said...

I have no respect for you Ruby