Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Raptors 98, Bobcats 79

This game was so one-sided and boring that they had to make it TJ Ford bobblehead night in order to attract fans. It was so uneventful that the ACC fans were most excited at the possibility of pizza (which is free if the Raptors score 100 or more points). They were booing at the end of the game when the Raps only scored 98. Quiet, quiet, quiet, cheering, booing. That's how it went.

It was so uninspiring that Rasho and Jamario were missing dunks.

And I was so sure of a win that I almost didn't even feel like writing about it. Now, we got Phoenix on Wednesday, and Boston on Friday. We've got some momentum, and hopefully we get our offensive weapons back from injury. Let's go get these wins!

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chinwhat said...

i was watching some nbatv after the game and as the host was doing the play by play, one of the raptors drop a three and he goes "the raptors are large and in charge"

me: "wtf did he just say???"