Friday, December 21, 2007

Raptors 96, Blazers 101

I was sad after this game. We should have won. I question coach Mitchell's decision to leave the likes of Darrick Martin (poor offensive decision-maker), and Andrea Bargnani (poor team defender) on the floor for 5+ minutes in the fourth quarter, against a Blazer squad that had one run left in their young bodies. We should have won.

For the first time, I wrote notes during the game:
  • AP good D on Roy early in the game
  • Rasho Nesterovic, the offensive monster!
  • Nate MacMillan pinstripe suit: Bay, what do you think about that?
  • Andrea Bargnani, you'll get your confidence back, slowly but surely. Love that aggressive ball fake and drive to the basket.
  • Jose Calderon had Steve Blake completely turned around!
  • LaMarcus Aldridge will shoot it -- in your face!
  • Brandon Roy is a baller
  • AP seems to only be able to hit 3-pointers from the corners ... put him up top, and he can't hit them
  • Jose Calderon has made Steve Blake look silly all night
  • Did you see Brandon Roy switch hands in mid-air?!
  • Darrick Martin, please stop shooting the basketball
At least we can beat the Sonics ... right?

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chinwhat said...

gear: you don't worry about what looks good and what doesn't. that's your wife's job, not yours!