Sunday, December 09, 2007

Raptors 93, Rockets 80

Nothing makes a weekend feel more complete more than a Raptors win. Aaah.

The Raps looked great on both ends, thanks to some second half adjustments, and of course, the return of Chris Bosh to the lineup. Offensively, once they got troublemakers Jamario Moon and TJ Ford off the floor, the offense cleanup up, and the team got great looks every possession. Kris Humphries and Jason Kapono looked especially good on the offensive end, taking it to the basket, and not being afraid of the Ming Dynasty spitting lead in their faces. Jose Calderon was an absolute maestro, conducting to the tune of 6 assists and "cero" turnovers (that's Spanish for "zero" ... Dora ain't got shit on me!).

Defensively, the intensity picked up in the second half, which included a CB4 block on a T-Mac layup attempt. Also, blocking the crap out of Carl Landry was fun, except for not coming away with the basketball part.

I was especially pleased with everyone's patience. We grabbed a lot of offensive rebounds (18, I just double-checked), and if CB4 was on the floor, he was the first option with our second attempt. Carl Landry? Chuck Hayes? They can't guard you!

Let's keep up the winning!

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