Sunday, December 09, 2007

Raptors 84, Celtics 112

It took a 16-2 start, a Ray Allen game-winner, and a 28-point blowout (leaving us 0-2 against Boston), but now I believe. The Celtics are for real. This game was so ugly that for the first time this season, I did not finish watching the game. Instead, I watched Kenny vs. Spenny. Damn that Kenny, he's always cheating!

I couldn't really pick out what makes Boston's defense so good. It looked to me more like the Raptors were just taking bad shots. But Boston can't be number 1 in both opponent points and opponent field goal percentage because every team they play turns stupid against them.

And offensively ... is there a player that can stop Kevin Garnett? maybe 2-3 players combined can stop him, except he has Paul Pierce and Ray Allen as passing options. Fuck!

I took solace in the fact that the Celts have a weakness: Rajon Rondo. This kid is garbage.

So what happens next? As long as CB4 is out, we keep losing to top tier teams. No Bosh, and we're going to rack up plenty of Ls in December. Starting against the Rockets.



Anonymous said...

oh ya at first dindnt think the celtics would be so damn good!
nut now! wow im impressed!

chinwhat said...

and COD4 doesn't suck!

Shaun said...

Apparently, can't stop me in VGM either!