Saturday, December 29, 2007

Raptors 83, Spurs 73

Jon, said, and I quote: "Mark it down as an L". Now, if there was a truest Raptors fan award, there would only be one name on the ballot. Me!

The headline on my newspaper would have read, "San Antonio's spurs no match for Raptors' claws", or "Spurs spurred by Raps", or "Raps kick shit out of fuckheads", or "Anthony wins battle of the Parkers".

The Raps weathered a Spurs run in the third, which saw a 12-point halftime lead buckle, but never break. The Raps biggest mistake was allowing prolific loser Juan Dixon to get burn, instead of just playing 4 players. What were you thinking?!
  • I'm all for Andrea Bargnani enrolling in the school of hard knocks, but does that need to mean that Rasho Nesterovic isn't allowed to play anymore?
  • Kris Humphries' stock continues to skyrocket
  • When we were at The host getting our eat on, Cathy kept asking for "Chicken Bargnani".
  • Fuck Juan Dixon. If Beth marries this guy, then she and I are "hi and bye".
  • Jason Kapono is earning his paycheque.
  • I did not appreciate my wife's premature "We win!" proclamation at the 4:32 second mark in the fourth quarter. Are you crazy!?
  • We showed excellent defensive intensity in the fourth quarter, which was a breathe of fresh air after a poor effort against the Sonics.
No T-Mac against the Rockets? Kick 'em while they're down!

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