Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Raptors 80, Clippers 77

Only the hardcore breed of Raptor fan stays up to watch them during a West Coast road trip. I'm usually in bed by 11PM, but instead, I was up watching Mike Dunleavy's walking wounded (aka the LA Clippers).

After the first half, I questioned why I was sacrificing sleep. The offense was horrible! If they weren't taking stupid shots, they were missing wide-open shots. Or missing from the free throw line. Thankfully, the Clips sucked as well.

In the third, the Raps took care of business, thanks to kick-ass defense. The Clips only scored 11 points! After a bit of a scare (thanks to ... Richie Frahm?), I went to bed a happy Raptors fan.
  • Block party! Corey Maggette, your ass was CB'd more than Shaun's closest circle of male friends. Bosh blocked your ass ... Jamario blocked your ass ... even Andrea Bargnani blocked your ass!
  • Healthy CB4 vs. Tim Thomas on one foot just ain't fair ... and the Raps knew it. In the fourth quarter, they kept feeding Bosh, and he ended up with 16 trips to the charity stripe. I love it!
  • Chris Kaman, you got locked the fuck down!
  • Jamario Moon got his offensive game back.
  • AP 0-6? Ugly!
  • Richie Frahm? Who is this guy?
The only thing worse than sacrificing sleep to watch the Raps, is doing it on back-to-back nights. Fuck these Blazers!


chinwhat said...
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chinwhat said...

"what kind of party was it?" (C) Charles Barkley