Thursday, December 06, 2007

Raptors 123, Suns 136

The good news last night was that the Raptors scored 123 points. That's most likely a season high for the team (I'm too lazy to verify). Even with Bosh and Bargnani out of the lineup, the Raps are still able to generate points, thanks to the playmaking abilities of Ford and Calderon, coupled with our numerous offensive options.

The bad news is that the Raptors still lost the game.

The ugly news? How about allowing 136 points for starters? That's an NBA season high! Do you understand what that means? It means for the whole season, for every single game that's been played so far, between any two teams, the Suns 136 are the most any team has ever scored. Embarassing!

They also allowed 45 points in the coffin-closing 3rd quarter. Case ... Closed. You like that shit, Jon? Ah, forget it, you don't even read my fucking blog. Wait. That was supposed to read, "you don't even fucking read my blog." Shit. Ummm ... try not to read this paragraph.

I'm not going to kid myself, cheering on the Raptors against the Suns is like cheering for Ben Johnson when he tried to race against a horse. But really, the Suns exploited the same weaknesses that we have against other teams:
  • Poor transition defense
  • Poor defense against slashers cutting to the basket
  • Poor perimiter defense

That basically means we suck in all aspects of defense. Not all the time, mind you. But enough times for it to cost us. I can say that there were a number of good defensive stands, and one in particular that I remember, where the Suns had to swing around the perimiter twice, and still couldn't find an open shot. The Raps switched when they were supposed to switch, rotated when they were supposed to rotate, and Leandro Barbosa was forced to take a wild 3 ball. These stands were few and far between.

TJ Ford had that look in his eye in the fourth quarter. He was putting the team on his shoulders. Unfortunately, for all of his one-on-one offensive sickness, the Suns had an answer. Sometimes multiple answers.

Friday, we get our rematch with Boston. CB4, we need you!


chinwhat said...

i liked the look of Calderon and Ford Smitch put in during the third... but we still got punched in the mouth.

Ford's going to start tonight, i can feel it. i feel sorry for Rondo.

Lil Lex said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. Ford and Calderon on the floor at the same time is the greatest idea since toast. I guess Coach Mitchell's fear is that they'll both be tired at the end of the game, and that's why he hasn't used that combo until now. I hope he uses it some more.