Saturday, December 22, 2007

Raptors 115, Sonics 123

I can't comment much on this game, partly because I missed some of it (in transit to Chin's birthday party), and partly because I was tipsy for some of it (drinking mad drinks at Chin's birthday party).

But I can say this: Our defense has been horrible against Portland and Seattle. What's going on Raps? Why are you giving up 123 points?

Anyways, tonight against the Suns will either be a landmark victory for the Raps, or a massacre. Raptor fan must believe it will be the former.

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chinwhat said...

conversation from this morning went like something like this:

(discussin dr. t event at the end of the night)

shaun: yeah, al said "you'll feel that tomorrow"

kev: i didn't hear him say that, but he's right