Monday, December 31, 2007

More Windows punkage

So my friend Anth is shopping for a new computer. He wants a laptop, something small and sleek for his downtown condo. He's got the right circle of friends to help him make this decision: a couple of programmers, an IT guy, and a sales guy for an IT distributor (aka a whole bunch of nerds).

I told him he should get a Mac. In fact, I tell everybody that. I am a Mac fanboy, and I have no problem admitting it either. Macs are better than PCs, but not for the reasons that everyone assumes. Sure, the hardware is beautiful, but the real power comes from the operating system, Mac OS X, and its tight integration with Apple's other software offerings (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, etc.). Windows flat out sucks when it comes to this (and it sucks for just about every other category used to compare OSes).

The problem, you see, is that my friend is a bit of cheap-o. He wants to wait until after the new year to reap the rewards of a 1% reduction in the GST. For a $600 laptop, that amounts t0 6 dollars. Six Bucks! And he wants the best deal possible -- something for nothing. Granted, he's not a computer power user like myself -- I've maxed out the amount of memory my laptop can handle, and I still feel like I could use some more -- so he is able to purchase a low-end computer and make it last for years and years. Perhaps spending $1200 bucks for a Macbook isn't sensible when an $800 Toshiba will do the trick.

But I implore you ... Don't do it! Take a look at this picture I took while I was at Esso pumping gas. They have these media terminals now, running video ads and such. They are apparently running Windows, because it says so in the blue screen of death! How embarrassing...

Check out this article from PC World. Nobody wants Vista. Who do you know that's upgraded? I don't know anybody!

Anyways, that's my opinion. If you end up buying a PC, so be it, just make sure you have a wireless router for your net connection, or as an alternative, never invite us to your place. That is all.

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